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We lost Angeles the city of angels
We lost Angeles with the dizzily eyed dolls
The boulevards with the whole beauty and fiction

A city of hope
Meaningless each time
Till you came and found me

See, the ground is slowly turning
Dizzily, easily
Feel, the way my heart is burning
of this loneliness 


So up they picked me by the big toe 
I was held from the rooftop then they let go 
Dizzily screaming 'Let the windows down'
Like diamond wedding rings
Spinning dizzily down on the floor

You're drifting like a fire
Buried deep under the water
You're pressing on your laurel
Dizzily tailed by hyenas of debt. 
To fill up on time, you set a fire under me.

My seer.
My pride.
My life has light in your eyes.
As dark as dark sky and earth, dizzily mind
As sore as sore the back of the gullet, dizziness

You can't catch me, can't catch me
Can blind birds
Believe the lies you told me
Back and forth and up and down
Got me spinning dizzily
Got me spinning in my mind
Got me swimming in my thoughts
Got me
figures eight
Held me back in dizzily
To groom the fields of thinking straight

The tears burst forth like the bomb you detonate
And the tidal wave came
a quintet, aye
Imma need you to be real with me
Look me right in my eyes, can you see I've changed
Walking 'round my house all dizzily
Ever since that girl
shoes and my wallet and dignity
Kept my stomach churning as the train moved dizzily
On the train platform I crawled onto my side
Tried to rub the gunk
seeing birds fly round my head
And I felt like Tom and Jerry smashed me dead
And dizzily I kissed your mouth, but bruised your lips
I quickly apologized,
the scenery
Dizzily imagery I got ability
Skillfully energy goes to infinity
Don't believe in being civilly
Fittingly killing every single enemy
Don't give
I must maintain the grip of fear 
I drown in inspiration here 

Married to the craft 
I proclaim my never ending love 
Dizzily, I foresee 
An amalgam
the scenery
Dizzily imagery I got ability
Skillfully energy goes to infinity
Don't believe in being civilly
Fittingly killing every single enemy
Don't give
the target

Leek popping on him instantly if he's fidgety leave'em dizzily
I ain't with that internet shit
When you see me better keep the energy
On stand by

At this fleeting vision, a childish indecision
Daily I dizzily fall apart
Hurt in the heart by a sharp sword
Pretending to myself waiting for Godot
at Disney
I'll take your hopes and prayers and toss em like a fuckin frisbee
I'll be running round burning down my country tis of thee
Isn't he, dizzily
Last summer, open window 
There's dead birds 
Rotting in close proximity 
From the carcass, hundred insects 
Flying all directions quite dizzily
more cliches!
No more delays. Glass-wristed grasp of my surroundings and dizzily shuffling forward;
That's where I'm found, pulled to the sky from
the smoking and pain and every damn song is fucking the same this same goddamn train glides soft through the rain and I sit and dizzily wait .......
you’re running dizzily
Wrap your arm up so tight
Let the veins scream at the sky
Come on, inject me in
Let your skin catch fire
Before I’m much too old
white like a gumline

I remember vividly in the living room
Mom dragged dizzily out her living tomb
Non responsive slippin outta conscious
Grippin tight

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