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up and up up, a king full of
Virgin kiss me and

Spin it, excuse to willow and wander dark wonders divest me of
Robes-sutures Harry and
Pig meat,
arouse, if you swear to catch up and throw up and up up, a king full of virgin kiss me and spin it, excuse to willow and wander dark wonders divest me
could save me from this day 
The head seeking path of my trajectory 
Didn't we cooly divest of predestination 
Slamming into futures we can't see 
I know
that's the way things go?
Time to manifest the quest that's hard to digest
The companies are frontin Pete, why don't they divest
and invest in freedom, but
saddled with three little pests
All that I wanted was the freedom of a new life
So my burden I began to divest
Alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright,

For men will divest only to a certain point
For each divines their own experience
And to our own we must attest

They say authority's essential
Divest the excess
The apex wanes
The pinnacle of our effort
Bled dry on display
The scales tip with masses of shame, culpable

Magnify exponential
Trying to divest of   
Body signs over time
Looking to my sharp decline
Draw the line, draw the line
Makes it all clearer
Never pine, rebel whine
of Palestine is still occupied
52 years of hell while settlers colonize
It's time to rise up open your eyes
Boycott divest and sanction 
End apartheid

fuck some clean socks
Ice cold, we living like freeze pops
Cause I'm gonna take licks while I defrost
Divest from your demons, and weak stocks
From time immemorial light touches soil 
As the sun sinks into the underworld. 
Drags along spiritual ascension, 
Divests shelter of the innocent.
divest my sins
She opens her pharynx
I lick her wound with my mouth
I have kissed her heart
Loved her flesh on the portal
Her tongue petrified at the foot
Prescribe the chemical dependency
Make me dependent on your playing god degree
You think you know just what's the remedy
Divest emotions one by

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