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can be so distracting so disheartening
I never knew it would be this way
I never knew we'd play this game
Running around in this town can be so
Distracting us from the war outside 
HD screens burning our eyes 
Distracting us from our mundane live

We're takin over the revolutions coming
Got women all in my bed
Distracting me from my bread
But when they leave I feel low
My pain come back say hello
So I go back to my phone
To find
You said I make you sick
Sick to Your stomach
An when I see you
I know I'm gunna' love it
Cuz' I'm happy
Happier than I've ever been
Your distracting
When you get weak, and you need to test your will
When life's complete, but there's something missing still
Distracting you from this must be
to me
Why yall coming back to me like that
Oh, stop distracting me
It’s all coming back to me like
This Thai girl Lily she’s a fly little bity thang
know they behind me
Ask just ice for the contact you know where to find me
You distracting the whole damn vibe
You think you cute with them cut offs
Now I'm here
I am the boss
I was in a mountain
Until you arrived
Now I don't know where I am
Now I don't know where I'm going
I'm just distracting my
let her fuck on me less she the baddest
She keep sending naked pics it’s so distracting
Opps on me but they’ll never catch me lacking
underneath the same sky

Spending our time distracting our minds
And yet still remaining blind           

So many species dying
So many children crying
Distracting You? 
What Suppose Be My Reaction ?
What Do You Looking On My Reflection?
Am I Distracting You? 
What Suppose To Be My Reaction?
What Did You
Makaveli get ya girl wetter

All This capping
All this acting
All these social media thugs
So Distracting
All This capping
All this acting
All these social
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Discomfort endlessly has laid itself upon me (laid itself upon me)
Distracting (distracting
Accomplish some of my goals before I rest and die
Rage filled my heart, won't let myself explode
The mystery of life, I have yet to decode
Distracting myself,
like he got allergies
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Tryna mess with me that's your fatality
I ain't got the time for you distracting me
Tryna slide it's maximum
and your emotion distracting my privacy
you say that you trust me
But girl don't lie to me
Don't lie
I wanna know
Are you down for the ride
Yeah I wanna know
at the feet of ennui and apathy
You're wrong, but have to speak, and cause cacophony
Distracting me
Y'all could at the least stop all the posturing
on the tv
He don't like how i'm acting, he say i'm distracting, these diamonds make it hard to see
Okay ima go run up a check and go pick up the next, ill
shake that ass, shake that ass it get distracting 

Shawty wanna talk, ion wanna talk 
No I'm not a player bitch I'm raw
She a lil cat but I'mma dog
We just catching cruise
And I got ya in your feelings too
When I look at you it’s magic, boo
With you there’s no slacking, you’re too active
up in here you be distracting 
But you know it's time to take some action 
So I'm up in here no plan boi I get to actin 
I be bouncing off the wall I
I need you involved, I feel too lost
Got me thinking 'bout the lifestyle that I've lived, uh

Love is distracting (Love is distracting)
Oh who said
the one
But you saw right through it I told lies and you knew it

I sat there plain-faced, as you felt disgraced. . .

Goodbye, I'm sorry for distracting
of disguise
Information is vital, yet ignorance bliss
Without answers we persist
An outline disorder of society
Distracting our minds from what really could be

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