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for people they can kill

Weaponized psychopathy
Headlong into carnage seeking blood
Seething minds distorted by the violence and pain

Driven by
Sickened by the feelings within
Laughing at my pain

Forget the lies, live the reality

Waiting for a chance to indulge
In this "sinful
Madness overwhelming
Excruciating pain
My brain aches for release
I will suffer until I kill
Weapons have been gathered now I seek my prey
the rules stay by Satan's laws
Reach from hell with powerful claws
Distorted view through bloodshot eyes
Another sacrifice and someone dies
Welcome to the arena of pain
Where everyone is a victim
We all are to blame
Welcome to the palace of fate
Morbid transformations
Internal combustion 
Multiple personalities 
Terror inside of me 
A mask of silent agony 
Curse the falling rain 
The vortex of pain
Distorted reality
Truth behind, not to see
Focus of life means twisting negative
Draining deeper fears by a quest to live
Suffering down perpetual
When you woke up, I guess you didn't know I would steal you from your girlfriend
But filter to the secret side, fill and raised by the forth sky
Sick as can be
Twisting out of true
Explaining the feeling as
Insanity breaks through
Bringer of murder scenes
Architect of fear
I want to rape you. I'll leave you bleed in death.

This is my lust and my distorted needs.
This is my wrath and my pain.
This is my kind. This
Rotting legacies
Fading loyalties
Effigies for the beasts

Distorted hearts
Worshiping god currency
That is so worthless to me
Unbound to the pale and lifeless day by the multi-colored, multiform
A spinning anti-dream unthought. Exceeding the obsolete reality
Distorted by a withered shade
Shapeless demons
Fade away with the light of dawn
Unreal shadows
Turned to their incarnation
Ancient appearance
I'll strike with drive
Been ready for this way too long
I'm blessed by irony
Distorted vision
overtakes everything
Tainted system's shadows
A hell of self caused pain
Lewd paints harass me
No heart was ever caught and cursed
In such venial lust
Decay of dreammade fear
Overflows my tired
(Originally recorded by Killing Joke)

[One, two, three, four]

Motives changing, day to day
The fire increases, masks decay
I look
grasped in his hands.

Dark secrets unlocked by a verbal key.
Promises once mocked are fulfilled fatalities precede.

Screams distorted with blood.
Faith mongers of righteous rule conceal this deceptive law
Distorted values of virtue masked by these holy words
This great persecution will
of confusion - Filled with dread
Hateful images

Mind seduced in hypnotic trance
Pleads for eternal life - All will fail
Disenchanted agonisingly torn
Entrapped by cold nowhere to go they wait below
Crypt of darkness silent abyss eternal unrest
Entombed in this place the light of day can't penetrate
to confess
For the wicked there is no rest
When touched by madness
Lost in a fantasy
Distorted and deranged
Wild the spirit never tamed
Taught by humanity
life never thought that I could
Finding a soul mate and marry her too
We're distorted but we fit like a glove
Pleasure and pain will walk hand in hand
Withdrawal pain's hard; it can do you right in
So distorted and thin, distorted and thin
Where will it end?

This is the car at the edge of the road
the masks,
their artificial smiles, 
"Mind's  black eyes should break the lies!" 
Distorted pictures are all 
transparent to us,  
phantasmagoria... such
Welcome to my exhibition, welcome to my hell, upon the altar lies my human
Sacrifice, distorted images I hunt to find.

One final body