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Panic buys and black ties for answers and god don’t they love the attention
Hate and distaste in their lives
We don’t need no suicide
with my distaste
Now listen to my record I might have to lower my blood pressure 
Someone get the motherfucking money measure
I might have to do a line
a certain distaste 
For the place I live in this state bitch 
Yeah you made me this way
Yeah you made me this way 
Yeah you made me this way

back again
Same song

I won't try to stay or just save face
I never knew how my words left
You won't try to stay so just move on
I never said I
replace my distaste
Signals flare and layers fade away

What water won't wash away
Don't let it confuse
The road to soul is lonely at best
never meant much
You liked me for what
Entice me too much
Was writing for months
But I can't see enough
Got me ok
Shawty go away
want the
I'm gonna
Then ima
Kick that bitch right out my place
I'm a distaste don't chase
Call her up late for a change 

I know it
I'm floating
goes so much deeper than you
Could ever know now that you've become
A hardened case, of such distaste
A lonely trigger on a loaded gun

Im counting bankroll
Distaste, I see it all in they face
I need my wrist froze
VVS2’s diamonds busting out the face
We got potential
High stakes, we
from the abyss
This is all just a waste
Holding on to their distaste
Love and affection been misplaced
We have all become disgraced
Angles from the abyss
rather not, I hate the thought
It's such a distaste

I'll never match your thievery, as far as this goes
You can't say you never fucked with me cause
in distaste,
Bless this amen.
Your final lesson.

A minute,
A second,
A half-life,
A minus,
A second
Selective attention.
the devil in disguise

I look at things from a certain view
Looking with distaste
No, I would never ever compromise
I'm so smart aleck

The world spins
this my sacrifice?

A new age rises
A new stage prizes
The fellows of old
They're ridden in cries
Their tongue's distaste to your newborn life
To your
Something obscene
Something to leave behind
Something for me
So politely
It's your fall from grace
Your own distaste

Your own disgrace
of dirt sink into me 
Burn it up, burn it down 
Suffocate me; did I drown? 

These people leave me such a distaste 
Us trying to fit in but I'm not a puzzle
Take it slow, that's for sure, we're all on a fast life
You'll be hanging with the best kind
For a once in a lifetime
But you distaste this, and you
A hollow, distinct pleasantry
I know the realism, is not the final straw
Not tried or temporary, and not like before…
So in your distaste I continue, and in
be safe
I try to forget, man, what a disgrace
I'll face, I'll forever live with a distaste

Depression is a powerful thing
Don't ever tug on its reigns
aced, you got some distaste
I'm in outer space, I see a dark place
You got bad taste, girl get out my face
This ain't time to waste, ain't got time
can just another in the 1st place
This is why those who dictate
Get looked at with such distaste
Ain't in our DNA not to live this way
Whether I've been fighting stand or fall
It doesn't matter anymore 
Distaste starts and grows
As the acid rain starts to fall upon me bound and like
Distaste is the flame in the furnace I burn in it 
You did this to me, I am an accident 
Dump the bag in
the these frames and 
Touch base 
With my distaste

I watch your soul leave this hole
I was forced to call home
I grow hope 
Staring at the nothing I own

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