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Dissociated from reality
Victim to a psyche that's entrapping me
It feels like
I don't know how to act
Or feel
Or see or touch or hear
Or tell you
A schitzo sniffin cocaine dissociated from
Mixin Robatussin, K2, special k, angel dust
Focalin, Prozac, flakka, hydros, Daytrana
Patches, nitrous, hydros, k
Crushed bottles, smokes, with your Lil guitar
Did you ever wanna be a big star
Sunglasses dissociated black tar

Something 'bout not having makes it
and get up in our feels but I’m rolling rolling back on my heels cause I’m 

dissociated from myself 

I’m blacking out while seeking help

It's not for
and get up in our feels but I’m rolling rolling back on my heels cause I’m 

dissociated from myself 
I’m blacking out while seeking help
It's not for me
Another place

You the real you

Is lost, dissociated

Memories from another time

Just this, a memory from another time

Your life, slip away

All your
so loud
And all my words unsaid

Dissociated for
So long (so long)
Reconnecting's a full
Time job (time job)
What's a girl gotta do
Always losing

I'm overrated to myself
I think I'm jaded of this hell
I better save me
No one else

It's not real if it's in the past
All those wars
the moon, I see you look to the sky
And start to wish it was you, sometimes I wish I was me
Sometimes I'm watchin' my life
I'm dissociated from what eats
demons reach out, stretch ya if I let em off the leash 

This don't feel like my life, really think I dissociated
Make another joke so no one knows how
Don't mind me, I'll just be keeping myself
Away - from everything and everybody
Nothing personal, I just prefer it this way
Dissociated from
It’s agitating we battle demons we co-created
Since the day yo’ mama procreated
How appropriated
They misappropriated
I was so dissociated til’ I
she is the company that I crave, what I'm all about

But how do I get my confession to her?
In this unfazed and dissociated world?
How to convey my
smoking so much
I don't feel emotion going through the motions
So dissociated but I love getting high
Whenever I dose it's a deep breath
Like a bath and I'm
But I ain't got the time to talk to Tweekers 
Who ticking off lies

Like I'm dissociated
Can barely keep my eyes off Pavements
Walking day to day
been, always has been me all along
I've set aside, all my rides, all the reasons I'm alive
All the lives at my side, dissociated by the tide
I'll find
I've gone away, dissociated, blood now festers
Familiar faces drag me to the altar
Marked for death
By my own
Blood and flesh
Stripped away of my
grounded at a whole

I feel the Arch of time collide with my
Dissociated loops of time
Cathartic wallow leads the blind
If only, following untold the makers
I'll watch over you
Life will fly by so fast
Feels like every day's a struggle
I feel dissociated all the time
I never want to feel that way again
Out of gas driving through the high way
Ain't no body looking
I been faded dissociated
Yeah we on the move
We winning

We got God in this case
Dissociated quickly after
With some demons
Had to cleanse
My biofield
They caught me by surprise
Grew some wings
I felt the envy
Got my angels with
two animals formed from two directions
fooled by breath and conventional concentration
an effective tool for reflection
no dissociated nativity
Fumble for change
I might find some
Inner sense again
Still living life in
Dissociated suspension
Until I
Take the 12 gauge and
Blow out my existence


My shadow
Changed itself
And visions
Sharp and pale
No sun, in resting days
(And dissociated)

dreams and realness
Dust and nothingness

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