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Cookin cutteys in the kitchen 
Cussin' cousins who be out of touch...
And still dissin' 

They stay dissin', they stay dissin'
They stay dissin' while we
the fuck you? Who the fuck you?*

When she swam under the moonlight.

*Who the fuck you dissin bitch remember me I was there for you?*
*Who the fuck you
Yeah hey
Yeah what
Got me dissin' a Benz
Ride with the stick like a player
She give me the tens
Or better yet like a laser
Got me dissin' a Benz
dissin' and wishin' that they come up missin'
Because I got everybody and they mother under pressure

You gotta bring it to my niggas
That figure that
shawty on tour
And she texting purple hearts 'cause she know that we at war, yeah

Niggas keep reaching and dissin'
Can't afford mistakes, not on this
steppin or pussy aint no inbetween
He sneakin n dissin I won't intervene
Dez diamonds uncut like im inna scene
Dot on his head if I send da green
Gotta keep balling the shot clock tickin
I do not hear em when they get to Dissin
The beat get to high
I say shut up listen
Listen listen listen listen
I ain't wastin no time 
Live for the grind 
Better believe it 
Niggas be indirect wit they message sneak dissin so I can't receive it
Ain't no
ENVY, envy
Let’s keep it 100 (100)
More code less snitchin’ 100 (100)
More love less dissin’ 100
More businesses less witnesses 100 (One hunnit,
not the end
And amidst the cresol, know your life is special
May ya days no longer stress U
May your days only bless U!
Check it!

Listen I'm not dissin
and extensions
Yeah we keep glocks and extensions
N***** know we keep glocks and extensions
I heard he dissin
I heard that fuck n**** dissin
N**** know he ain't
Why you tellin lies
Sneak dissin from the other side
Talking crazy boi you said gon ride you ain't gon slide
No not my kind you not my kind
Why you
I times so it's bound to blow
Heard he sneak dissin on the gang so now he gotta go
I remember going to the Westside
Smokin on Cali dope
Seen a fuck
rap to me until your flow's seasoned
Nothin but that king shit, dissin me thats treason

Now i don't even mess with you grand standers
To me that false
What's it gon take (huh?)
Say that you bout it well why you sneak dissin (why you?)
Nigga come fake
They want me fail well my nigga keep wishing (huh)
funny how them tables turn fuck it that's how life be
The crazy part about it is ya fam be ya enemies

Ain't got time for sneak dissin' and fake shit
I ain't got no regrets 
And I ain't neva settling for less 
I ain't tryna beef less it's bouta a check 
Niggas sneak dissin talkin on da net 

and extensions
Yeah we keep glocks and extensions
N***** know we keep glocks and extensions
I heard he dissin
I heard that fuck n**** dissin
N**** know he ain't
Bitch bet I bust
Don't make me start to fuss
I'mma run up in the cut
If you dissin', suck my nuts
No ifs, ands, or buts bruh
I'm the one that's
If you see me with a F&N, nigga don't mind me (Diego, Bankroll Got It)
He tried to run up on a chop, I had to clothesline him
Sneak dissin
the general Blixky from Flatbush (Blixky from Flatbush)
If you gon' be dissin' then you can't be slippin'
That's how you end up in a Backwood (end up in
I know that they hate me now
Put the whole gang on a paper route
The goals of the trap is to make it out
Dissin my gang imma take em out
You used
my hittaz they wyldin
Got some shooters, hot like Hooters, In and Out the cut
He was dissin till we came through shot the party up
They ain't want
When I walk out but don’t say shit when I.....
You be sneak dissin’ I know it yea
Nigga do what you gotta do, just don’t be kool with them niggas

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