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The Jupiter Moon, I got disseminated,
The Average Man, I got disseminated,
It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Toots Hibbert,
At the wrong prom.
We assume question marks are for morons, but I'm askin'
What floor are we on? Where's the connection?
Disseminated web of 360 degrees
Pyosis mucolysifies malignant mucocoeles
Pustules endocrinating disseminated mortified cells
Flesh punctuated by cancerous pustules
Burning your
a daze on a binge in a loop  

We're catalogued 
Signed in on a server farm
In Altoona, Iowa
eyes are open now
I'm fully awake
Counter-ops disseminated in a lucid state
Battle plans at the ready and the lines are drawn
The storm is coming for em
What’s being disseminated, what’s being ate
I ask, what’s the new norm
I ask what’s being drank
Too many questions to say we got all the answers
If so, who
Common sense is disseminated by the Almighty Dollar
Most learning's discerning what oughta be all but forgotten
Got invested in the conquest
some modern terms (Give me a cigarette)
For a concept so absurd (Say yes to all the rest)
Disseminated and rote-learned (But stress)
All these theories
recreated, curated, widely disseminated, loved or hated, we're all the same
But when we come to blows, but what we think each other knows, who the hell's
many alters, I ain't talking godly invocation
We clicked up over a hundred deep, CrypDID nation
Collectively dismantling false information
the role of an artist can art stimulate change?
Does it change choices yet to be made?
How are ideas disseminated these days?
How do you do?
When I look
And we turn on the lights
Papers disseminated everywhere
Three torn costumes over the ground
I’ve found out the picture of a blue bird
Runnin’ out
groups, disseminated by media.

In times of crisis, there is space for revolution and freedom.

But there is also space for fascism. This is a dark serpent
Thoughts that are too heavy to float
And in my head they slowly drown
Feeling like all of the particles in my body
Are disseminated across
Aristocracy's finest hour
A burden disseminated to the deprived
Nymphs from the freshest waters
The highest mountains
And the fanciest trees
Gather to proclaim
with all disseminated information.

Fourth Step: Have the media broadcast only the ruling party's information.
This can be done through state run media.
reach for its crown. Disseminated black roses follow my every step. A mirror's reflection is so soothing. A stunning self-portrait reveals itself.
Disseminated plague
On the ground of the damned
Hear the rising hate

The revealer holy book
Descending from lies
In the abyss of truth
Lambs are gonna cry
We assume question marks are for morons, but I'm askin'
What floor are we on? Where's the connection?
Disseminated web of 360 degrees
The panic is disseminated
I can't breathe
Time crawls by
But I'm right here, I'm aware

Feeling their shades around me
I take a look but nobody is
I pass
Time of the Gathering disseminated troops advance upon the source
Source of the pale and the jewel of the night
Lead by her desire she

Maggots chew the disseminated 
Shreds, even your soul is devoured 
Skin and bones, flesh and veins 
Morbid putrefaction 
Obscene mutilation

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