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Know they gone hate not disrupting the groove
Know they gone hate like it’s nun to do
Know they gone hate not disrupting the groove
Know they gone hate
contemplating disrupting the peace
Look in the mirror
See what I see (you see what I see)
Young Mercy got water, just like the sea
Wait, I know that they hating
mind so I'm just a constant mourner
I feel like a foreigner baby what are you wanting

Pardon you for disrupting
My melancholy my woe is me so I lust
when it's
Convenient for you
Always disrupting my mood
Like I'm a bother to you
I can ghost too
What would you do
Do if I move like you do
Hit me up
might as well just show me
'Cause my heart is dying slowly
I just can't take no repeats
Don't you be disrupting my peace
I just can't take no repeats
the dream
Yes it was just a wicked trick to wake us from the dream

I thank the waker for disrupting me,
When I sleep too long you slip away from me
I thank
I'm off the horse

There's no disrupting mine
Disgruntled mental 
Came from the east Carolina 
City both eyes 
Bout to see worldwide I
Know my place in
here beneath my feet?
Who better here for you than me?
You let me come I let you lead
Open my lungs you need to be
Deep in my chest disrupting me
play tough, it go up and you dying
Get bucked if you crossing the line. Ain't no disrupting the vibe, can't let it slide
We living to die so I'm getting
But they still just want a piece of me
Disrupting others for the graves they flee
And I'm looking over, feeling peace
As long as it's always you
yeah (Our loss)
It's a collision disrupting my mission, I know she a boss, yeah (Know she a boss yeah)
They say she missing her friends are concerned,
the shopping malls

Disrupting the orderly routine of the institution
Disrupting the orderly routine of the institution

Burn! Burn!
Motherfucking burn!
am an agent of chaos
Introducing anarchy
Make 'em fear
Make 'em tremble
Disrupting the established order

Self righteous indignation
Endless hypocrisy
stepped in the room
I’m major my nigga, not safe to assume
Y’all nothing but filler, disrupting my toons
Skipping ya story, no room to consume
Fools, y’all
What didn't sink in
Our chemistry, persisting
Airplane wings keep flying
While you flinched, not wanting
Million miles start disrupting
It took me a minute to find out exactly who I am or destined to be
Told y'all to listen but y'all are too busy with all the disrupting the peace
Erupting through fire pits somewhere

Disrupting a heavenly place
Where we can all dance between flames
Transformed into grotesque shapes
With power
Waiting for my dad to deflate
I don't know what it means to be in love

When the quorum ends on the outside
I'm setting up for success
I'm disrupting all my
shine for you and me
Disrupting any apathy
The morning glow, a private show
Illuminates the world below
The moon is gone the sky is one
The darkness has
We try not to go past this
Disrupting the orbit
We are gifted with life and
We are gifted with knowledge
We are one of the same and
We try to create
with the silence and alter the voices disrupting the balance
I've had a long day in this marathon race so I'm catching the plane then I'm landing
Man I'm
have no business disrupting my dreams
You aren't gonna maroon me
You either have to join me or let me leave
You aren't gonna maroon me
You have no right
Awakening - Disrupting
Infinite sea - With no ending

A singularity - Poisoning
Infiltrating - And learning

Sequencing - Simulating
A new algorithm
Hearts will shade as we come out at night


Rebel and feast while disrupting the sky

I came across the crimson deception

Intoxicated by wine

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