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the President my honest regards 
For disregarding me 

They say there's too much crime in these city streets 
My sentiments exactly 
Government and big
you got me drowning by the things you knew
And nothing can stop me
I'm disregarding the rules
It goes down to molecules
I'm not looking for the words
Yeah, this is where it starts
This is where I fall apart

This is where I fall apart

I'll break through the glass
Disregarding the past
That I dwelt
You're disregarding everything and everyone, as if there's nothing there 
(You're disregarding You're disregarding...)
It's nothing personal,
We are playing gods amongst ourselves
We are disregarding the fear of perfection
We are just another mistake we made

Our souls separate in silence
the complexity and shit
I like the topic
Kodak Black man

Look my word is bond as fuck
My life is hard enough
They not rewarding us
They disregarding us
or they die, there's no time for goodbye
Weapon in hand, they made their stand
Still disregarding demand
They would never comply, they would rather die
The place that you ought to be
I got some regrets
It's a problem, hidden feelings for my ex
Disregarding all the reasons we was stressed
Even tho I didn't
Will not be

He takes what he want´s
Disregarding your rules
Stopping him is for fools

He is the trespasser
No laws will now matter
He is
around her I'm blind
Lately I'm disregarding logic
Oh I'm such a fool for you
It seem's like I've been breaking all my rules for you, Tryna look cool
Don't get me started in this bitch
I'll get retarded in this bitch
No disregarding in this bitch
We go let em bark up in this bitch
In Beaumont Texas
I'll keep on burning this bridges that you hold so dear
If I keep disregarding the pain that has brought me here
I'll leave the misery out, you
Disregarding foes
Willing to give my all to you
Still wishing you were here
But now I got is beer
Do I even deserve this
You wiped the tears and you

(2X) ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do
Father forgive them for they know not what they do'
For disregarding what is true,
Got me disregarding everything Im doing 

This world, That we're living in is so cold 
It feels like I'm going in circles, if I leave you deserved it
the darkness
Basking on my mental disregarding all the problems
Seemed complacent with my vices energizing every option
In reality I'm floating high and writing
Fussing and fighting 

And now you say 
I left you on your own
Still disregarding feelings
Toxic love 
You gotta go

You ain't shit 
You know I love ya 
The place that you ought to be
I got some regrets
It's a problem, hidden feelings for my ex
Disregarding all the reasons we was stressed
Even tho I didn't
need a dd
Not Dexter's sis
This exorcist
Is taking time to take the demon
Disregarding the constant screaming
Hopped in the game I'm not leaving
It's so
But niggas just not even trying
I got these m's in my bank account
Tell the copper just give me the fine
Im on the e way doing 100 disregarding all
magic power
That puts you in the music, disregarding my sense of choosing
Now while I'm on my own, need someone else to be strong
I'll sit and pick up
shit I'm a prick but sick with the hits
Mission is grips of bitches drippin' like showers on the fritz
Here to stir the pot disregarding dirty thoughts

I'm trying to find solutions, lodged deep within my brain
While crossing over bridges disregarding loss or gain
And I'm trying to find the answers
Are you totally detached from this world?
Being cruel believing you're some saviour
Disregarding morals to follow the wrong path down
Yet those

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