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with this verse at my dispersal, put the cash and your bitch in the mattress
Woke up spazzing
What the fuck happened
I get lost in the sauce
But I ain’t
and thrive
No longer confined
To the enigmatic ties that bind
Thought Dispersal
Thought Dispersal
The long awaited integral birth
In a cosmic burst their
So! dispersal 
One more time
So! eternal Cold! infernal
So! dispersal 
It rules your mind
I know what I am, I'm Berlin

Through cracked, blackened memories of unit dispersal
I face the impregnable wall

Stab! Bawl! Punch! Crawl!
thirds of it (suck! suck! suck!) 
For untimely dispersal over vast stretches of the mid west! 
Now, it was about this time, I think it was right outside
("Aunty Em!")!

"Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly..."

...sucking up two thirds of it (SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!) for UNTIMELY DISPERSAL over VAST
I know what I am, I'm Berlin

Through cracked, blackened memories of unit dispersal
I face the impregnable wall

Stab! Bawl! Punch! Crawl!
in dispersal
Rate me or not
Just know I'm in the whip when I get the bird call
Stains on my top, where the Persil? Burn that
Bare gun talk from
dispersal is thought
There is no difference between thought and talk
Like the blackboard chalk and homicide chalk
They both give outlines
One is designed
a dress rehearsal for the stress dispersal
Sleeps cousin when the reaps coming
I hear a beat and then I beast summon
Listening to Dilla is the only time I
Turning inside out
What lurks in the dark
Dispersal of the fog
Curtain ripped apart
Always number one
High priest of the sun
Reveal of the real face
Have your team kick you outta the circle 
Yeah, Saucing , Neesh
Yo' boy feeling wavy no beach
Chilling playing Halo Reach
While she sucking like
Why don't you give this shit a listen
(First World Problems)
When I watch TV, can't skip commercials
Got no DVR at my dispersal
And my phone charger
call me Colonel
I pop while you stuck as kernels
Jump hurdles without rehearsal
Got verses I am dispersal
This flame isn't just internal
Replaced it
ain’t spoke a lot
Got rid of some man dispersal circles small like polka dots
I'm ingesting green no cabbage it's cannabis plants I'm smoking on
Prolly kill me for commercial gain
Talking down upon my name
Nigga swamp might go insane
Take me to the grave if you want to pick my brain, bitch
the mic instant dispersal
Cos' they fear my wrath like it's infernal
I'm like Leon because the music's Ardo
And the way I drop it gonna get a reversal
with me even tho I'm controversial
When you up these bitches flock soon as you down a mass dispersal
I'm giving any body 40 if they fuckin up my zen,
modes of traversal
Fuck it, I want green at my dispersal
I do this shit while you stuck at rehearsal
Make sure my fortune don't hit a reversal
hello sir
Welcome to the sinners circle
As my body decays in dirt
I see this soul dispersal
So impersonal
The curses of the earthen folk
Birthing hope
on a nut on their list
They cursed and gave me an informal dispersal
But im like ‘sir won't you let me get my rocks off first yo?'
Its weird how acting like
I don't wanna fuck it up lets we should up for rehearsal 
No reversal make this fire burn eternal 
Do dispersal of what's been too internal 
I just
restless demons
Kindled by no change

You trampled on the
Seed of purest fucking hate

Proceed dispersal
Have you spinning your wheels
And running round in circles
Like a gerbil
My verbal dispersal burst through Your commercial
It's not a rehearsal

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