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Remoted minds controlled our thoughts no
More doubts the new way is here disgorged
Another thousands fakes that obey to a
Circuit skein to vacuum
shakin', the lady started takin' 
And everything I disgorged 
In the midst of satisfaction she caused a distraction 
When she started messin' with that
as the spectral embers of that final twilight faded.

The stygian sea disgorged its serpents;
cthonian currents rose with the hydra,
disintegrating the sepulchral
slowly devoured Then disgorged onto the ground
stench of gore and organs rot, choke on pus your flesh is fed
Partial birth
Abortion rampage
Butcher tore

From the tumor a rotten broth is expelled, from cancer a rottenbroth is disgorged.
""When dying, we turn into a rottenbroth""
The vomit

In the perineum and out the mouth
Quartered by wooden spikes
Absence of genitalia
Hidden by disgorged abdomen
Entrails spill upon the land
The eyes of this disgorged life, their faces are scared with lies
Scratched marks on the walls in place of words
Washed out, condemned, unearth
an insensitive jerk
Acid from your stomach is disgorged with a splat
Liquid offal gargles in your throat
Embalming tubes occluded with clumps of rotting fat
- Head turned down - They slice their throat - Without awareness, they are cruelly disgorged...

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