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All the discourse remorse and partaking
All the discourse remorse and partaking
Of course can't let you be forsaken
Like I said my life's for
that mean?
I think we oughta have a discourse
Yeah, let's have a discourse!

I don't want to see you feeling remorse!

I won't endorse your divorce!
Watagwan watagwan man
Of course I can run the nation
Pot I've been cookin' of course like a main discourse
I'ma need an apron
Morse like I'm dashing
Can we have a discourse
Forget all the horse shit and the meeting
But if I fucking see you I'm gonna come paint your walls and ceiling
I'm getting
hit a nerve
But let’s Talk about it
Got your own views, I won’t harp about it
But this discourse could open up ya palette
I Said hah
Don’t be sensitive
discourse is dead

Stood at the tip of the wing
Gotta watch where you tread

Round up the ambivalent
You mustn't sit in the shade
'Cause it's
gonna wanna see this
Discourse on my media access
Uploads done
Three, two, one


Discourse on the media access
Last of the pre-internet generation
Lost in a network, 
Click-bait excitation

Time is a resource
To use and to treasure
Open your discourse
a wide and empty pit
You've got to listen to your own music
And not the discourse in your head

I'm on my knees
I'll lift my hands to the heavens
Allergic to discourse
Heads-up, I'm so bored
You worry 'bout my health
I just want your deep pockets
Ready to spiral
Keep hitting a stonewall
The end
When we were young at heart
We've failed to see the price
Of our own discourse
We've failed to seek out peace
Instead of life
We claim the life
force fed to me
The hate that you breed
Discourse of deceit
This name that you speak, it's not me
Now we're outta time
Can't turn back now this has
still capitalism
The pen is mightier than the sword
But we lost them both so long ago
They own the discourse thats how they blind us
If money talks that
Welcome to the place you belong
A palace of ignorance free to the core
Inside the mind
Closed systems of thought preside on
Repetitious discourse
In the discourse the story was told of my weakness, a red light
And in the busy town center square stands peace, a policeman
He tenderly beckons me
Would you do it all
Over and over again
Lost in the wind 
Discourse again
Blinding, screaming, screeching 
For something new
For something blue

Gargantua in Paris put cathedral bells on his horse   
And more of this discourse                                                        
11months in
coming back to mama
Cause papa wanna put a little salsa in his vodka

I can snap and tick, tac, tow you to my horse
There'll be no
Reasonable discourse
For sustenance 
Our mystic minds so capable of
Sense and discourse
Caged in a head
Helpless lust with no direction
Meet with the day
On sufferance
The world is yours
But it holds a discourse
Well that ain't going to be mine

You got no place for survivors
You got no place for the drowned
Lets drain
Of all discourses

Monarchs with armies of dread
Only lies, fake news we've read
Families beg for the dead
False hopes to people are spread

Temporalized and thus given an end. Where there ought to be
the necessary punctuation for teleology to blossom, 
for the patriarch, this is only
to rack up the kills

Assassin squad... creeping, assassin squad...seeking

Life threatening discourse
Fuck with the bull you get the horns
Quickly they
Keep it real and that's how I grow
In the whip ridin' solo
Hit your line and I'm not alone
This is the time to shine brighter than
Past discourse in

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