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Check me out now
Tony, yeah (Junior, you're a genius)

Walked out of Louis, lookin' like a Virgil discount (discount)
If it ain't a hunnid,
bag, don't go in stores, I call up Drake
And you know I stomp the yard in this bitch, when I make wine from the grapes

'Cause I got discounts
Samantha's Exclusiv-Discount-Jeschenkboutik"

Em Enjang stonn Lenin un Marx uss Coladoseblech,
Vüür nem Neuschwanstein- Panoramateppich, made in Bangladesh,
Let these niggas know your worth
Ain't no discounts
They ain't got it better get it
Tell a bitch bounce
All dimes see a nine point that bitch out
Blue skied, sun dried, big wide open space
That's where our fears are erased
Come work it out, mess about, to discount daily grind
'Cause when the hours
grant you a discount wish
Down at the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for

Baby, it's your birthday I'ma be your sugar dad
Don't even think
Sometimes I think about you in the checkout line by the candy bars
There stands a sign, discounts on cornbread
Discounts on cornbread, discounts on cornbread,
Got a devils haircut in my mind
Got a devils haircut in my mind
Got a devils haircut in my mind

Love machines on the sympathy crutches
Got a devils haircut in my mind
Got a devils haircut in my mind
Got a devils haircut in my mind

Love machines on the sympathy crutches
Isn't something that keeping a cool head can beat 
But don't discount their winter winds 
And all the cold shoulders that the slightest draft lets in
is love
Discount coupons floated from above
Broiled chickens sang us
Love songs from a skewer
Have you ever been this close
To going down
È il non capire, il non capirsi

Noi voliamo basso
Noi e I nostri sentimenti da discount
Che siamo bravi a consegnare alla migliore offerta
a verse from man? Want a discount?
That's like thirty

Yo, jump in the 4.5 and fill it up
Pull up, hop out and bill it up
Boy try test but the prick
get a discount
Just ah bounce 'bout, all bout ah run route

Walk wid mi head up inna di sky like a pretty butterfly
Nuh bwoy cyaan' say me live inna
I slash monikers backwards
Haggle proof snaggletooth fabulous 5 freddy
Krueger finger discount bliss lou retton dismount
Spin out of control
lookin' for a discount
Now I thank God for the handout

I can't afford to live this way
I barely live off what I make
Running round for money
Har Khaate Mein Masti
Arey Aisa Interest Milega
Ban Jayegi Hasti

Fully Discount Hai Bhaari Amount Hai

Fully Discount Hai Bhaari Amount Hai
Aaja Re
So ought to cop a beanie for the cover up, this is how I planned it
I'll go in the afternoon so that its even cheaper
Ask him for a discount so that
Splash some Listerine in my best fake smile
Gotta show my boss that I'll go the extra mile
But I still gotta shop in the discount aisle
And I still gotta
I saw a yuppie and a rasta and a fat man up a ladder
On the day I went to town
And when I paid a call to the discount shopping mall
I saw black
I was born a broken little toy 
that no one wanted to keep.
Two left feet, buttons as eyes,
alone for so long, so alone.

Sold me off to a discount
An act of kindness, simply, all but discovery

Discount meals are warm, dear
Then we'll choose our new, get it?
Have you heard me?

got me blinking more
I went from momma to the discount store, yeah
I changed that discount to a department store, yeah
I buy the Royal Oak, no
et le vendeur de discours
Entre le preneur de risques et le provocateur discount
Entre l'orateur, la grande gueule, le bon album et la bonne œuvre

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