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a better living
We nuh waan live like we in prison
Discern di times and di seasons
A mi seh come mek we reason
Fi a better living
We nuh waan live like we in
nearly every turn
But what the voice is saying, I barely can discern
The echoes that are following the contours of the ground
Ebb and flow and eddies in,
Just because we're not alone
You echo words you've heard
You let me go just to watch me discern
Just because it feels the same
'Til the morning

When will you learn?
The hurting, it will return
When will you ever learn?
This feeling is all you can discern

Oh my heart, it is a-broken
even discern the truth
There is always a way for me to see
No need to carry this burden in me
What will it take?
I can't see straight
I can't even
the whisper of the end
Sipped into the dialogue
I'm a ghost in the rain
The rainbow
You can't discern
I'm standing there
Ghost in the rain
The same old
can't rely on everything you feel.
Faith-talkin' people,
We must discern what's really real.
Faith-walkin' people,
You can't believe in everything you
Faith-talkin' people, we must discern what's really real
Faith-walkin' people, you can't believe in everything we see
Faith-talkin' people seems like such
was this old house
With transom windows and cracked concrete
The good and the bad I can't discern
Time has come to watch it burn
Queen bee
Seems cliche
I just feel it swelling
I just can't discern it
It's so unconcerning

Senses folding back now
I always wonder how
It's so damn unclear
While I'm
In town throw caution now into the wind
Throw condoms now into the bin
Birth 800 babies
And talk of peace within

In town discuss debate discern
And now you're wasted, suddenly vacant
Apparently, going nowhere, stopping for nothing
You'll never be

Ooh, how do you discern the two?
To find
I'm there

I'm miles away, don't turn the lights out
I wanna see what's coming after me
Today I won't let me demons discern my fate
'Cause something out
Whoops a daisy
Down you go, under raging water
How the wind comes tumbling 
So innocent and humble
From the treetops I discern images of wonder
quick enough I can warm it up in an urn
You better discern how I’m coming, 'cause I’m climbing to the Return
Grindin' everyday (Yeah), that’s the only way
turn away again
But don't turn away
From me I cannot be

Alone, I lack the will to try
Alone, I can't discern a cry
Alone can't last forever
But I wish
I wear the pants! I wear the pants, bitch!

Though my clothing can't discern between woman and man
When it comes to power baby look at my fashion
And the last shall be first
Shut the fuck up, let me learn
It's just what I discern
It's just what I deserve
The pain and the hurt
The pain and the hurt
The pain
Soon you will discern them
Soon you'll learn them

Rapping on this beat ima murder the sheep
EXEM on a mother fuckin kill streak

Friends appearing
bury yourself with every statement.

And I know, and I know that you feel the urge
to control everything that you can't discern.
Cause it's different
Sell, sell, sell
How well you learn
To not discern
Who's foe and who is friend
We'll own them all in the end

It goes like this, we have no
Sell, sell, sell
How well you learn
To not discern
Who's foe and who is friend
We'll own them all in the end

It goes like this, we have no
a sphere

A man cab plot evil on his line and win
Though as he traverses the line he discerns
That his way leads to his death
A fate not matched by his
the gentle summer air
Is not reality

And he gets what he gets
Life deceives him yet
Look at him and you'll discern
Someone who's really trying to learn

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