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fight their power
From our call they'll run and cower
No hope for them, their will disbanding
Through it all Daylight stays standing

back again) Like the sixth moon landing

Okinawa not withstanding

Ride or die, are all disbanding

(We ain't ever going back again)
We made plans for
For love I have learned depends on geography
Fortune found us when all around us
Half the couples we knew were disbanding
And that needs your
and back away slowly
Spit shit distorted if wack, I'm disbanding
Either feel the hellfire, or pay what you owe me
Top of the world mom, and all these lights
withers through the barren patch.

Market the proles - the ornemental and quaint.
Disbanding in union.
Spine snaps
Like Romeo I'm disbanding
Stay watching like I'm OVO
Like Polio I can't stand it
I'm in the studio
Like Bakugo I'm freestanding
I'm missing
I’m disbanding
Don’t be surprised if we end up crash landing
Now where am I?
I feel like I can fly
Like everything I knows a lie
Like moving would
eyes, I freeze
Take my giving nature and you teach me how to learn
Fell into the sea
And I cut my own gills to breathe
I bled out, it disbanding in
em up put your hands up
You've been caught red handed
Time to rise time to rise up
Take back what's been misbranded
Rise up no disbanding
Together we
Tormentful agony 
Regretful sympathy 
Suffering infinitely 
Hate disbanding unity 
Amalgamation of immunity 
Melting tranquility 
Haunting catastrophe 
I can't
ain't easy (It ain't easy nah)

That's why I question your planning
With so many people disbanding
Faking commandments
Causing resentment (Causing
the barren patch.

Market the proles - the ornemental and quaint.
disbanding in union.
Spine snaps on the make.

Throwing stances,
they still flirt with disbanding
But their literal names won't consummate themselves

Mr. E realised you can't judge a book by it's title
& coincidently
So I'm disbanding my heart and the armor that I wore
And I'm leaving it all behind
If you don't want to follow me to where I go I understand
the tribe : banded
back in forty-two : old missionary :
into one : and now disbanding : like
before the whites : all chiefs sign
for their own :
Hold me when I´m standing 
When I´ve fallen, we´re disbanding 
You are so goddamn beautiful, but 
Unstable, your joke got old. 

Sick one trick

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