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the love of music
I won't disabuse them
I'll make love with their women
I'll make them sing notes of pleasure
Their husbands will never hear

I love
tough we’ve your back
K-ish k-ish k-ish
Disabuse we’ve got the muse
I was dashing now I’m back
Blessings on blessings on blessings
I’ve gone through a lot
by while I disabuse
I'm satisfied to stay the ride, this living on island blues

On Island Blues
Living on Island Blues

Well I know it all seems
Life'll get so bad it feel like God mad at you
But that's a feeling, baby, ever lose, I refuse
I disabuse these foolish fools of they foolish
disabuse humanity, humility and fealty

Oh, you guess you got an edge
Hiding your hedge from the Feds
Puttin' down the little veg
(Ignorance is a right, not
you try to disabuse her
'Cause she's just happy as Big Tex's squeeze
You know I got the juice 
You know I got the juice babe 

Deserve more than that 

Baby bring the booze 
I'm Just like god Zeus 
Why you disabuse
Sex is
gonna go outside no more
I been watching a movie called the Seventh Seal
Just trying to disabuse myself of these Covid-19 Pandemic blues

Well it's
You've signed your papers
You think that gives you dominion
But I've been here for centuries
And I will disabuse you of that opinion

I wait 'til you're
Every rope is getting loose
When too much weight is hanging on
We don't need effectless disabuse
We want to know how to carry on
Let me ask you one
they disabuse him of
His as yet unknown disease?
Then maybe in the future
The machines will stop to freeze

The blood is no longer liquid
religions teach to hate
Only one heaven above us all
Believe must be equal for us all
But History disabuse
News show the truth
A world which is insane
the love away
and leaves us like we're outdone
We need to disabuse
Those who want to choose
And never stop but carry on

Why do we only see things we want

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