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Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] In tha club by the bar wit my niggas we twistin gars spendin 50's wit my boys jumpin stompin makin noise on tha block
we bout dat

Fool kid nappin papers nigga, we bout dat
No Limit stuntin 'n frontin lil daddy, I doubt dat

Ride me out Silkk

block wit' the same crew
'N' everybody sitting fat living good
'N' I'm the only nigga dat be rappin' in my hood
I was raise by the hustlas 'n' gain by
many love and slain by bullets wit dead aim
I weathered the change.
Stormed through the streets in the range
Can't complain, a n**** live to die in da
or I'll die

Sun shine hot an' burnin'
Wer'n't no breeze a-tall
Sweat ran down like water down a hill
Dat day John Henry let his hammer fall
sky fi mek di sun shine
Call out mi same and be there anytime
With you by my side, my life feel divine
What another man lost, let Buju be find
Show mi
was sent by God -n- gotta message fo yo thuggs
You ain't feelin me huh--Dat's why you steady bussin sluggs
Leavin em dead in dey blood--got mommas
still young...'cause, 'fo y'all knows it, he be reachin' adulthood and marry some bitch name rhonda ...'n, by dat time, he gwine become what dey call
when I hit da door
Yell word on the street that you ain't got no hoes

'Cause see its sum'n like dis, sum'n you'll neva be
Grind everyday anyway sum'n
mean everythang
And imma respect her till she dead n gone
I luv you for dat dats why I wrote this song


see when you go to jail mom still be
The south killed hip-hop? where they say dat at, better not say 'round me. lemme go on an address dat while I'm in tha studio 'cause these
playa I listen to da coach he sho' me
Da play book and said dis is da approach if you ever wanna score 'cause some players
Rush they shots dats why dey
back fum bein' dead, they sho' gets scary-lookin'! but don't take their appearance too ser
Why, people, 'cause dey say dis de sort o' folks dat belongs
gotta be out by da 7th man I'm sick and tired of dis mess...
It's like god is akin' my blessings bad luck is all in my presents...
Fuck round n I gotta
I was born in dat N.O. 
Murder is daily everybody packin' heat bro 
Punk bitches can't survive when ya scary 
Everyday young niggas gettin shipped
I was born in dat N.O. 
Murder is daily everybody packin' heat bro 
Punk bitches can't survive when ya scary 
Everyday young niggas gettin shipped
hit da floor I see you stayin on yo grind
I watch you twirk it baby drop dat thang 2 da floor
Now tell a friend dat dis yo song grl bend yo back low
threw this song ima give my appreciation back
Remember a long time ago I would be down in da basement rappin
Shed stomp on da floor n say quit all dat
make sure dat his days okay dry the tears from his eye
when dis nigga here die tell em I went to a place high next to a lot
tell em dat I live my life
by man
Soup is in di pot beef is on di bone
Wha a concern n_gga leave it alone
Live inna glass so, please don't fling nuh stone
Badman hold it
cause I don't want none 
Don't want the fame of this shit you can have hun 
Shoulda just a took tha money n just run 
Dats how a real nigga play it where
de panky 'tween you 'n dem two concrete flamingos ovuh by de steps! you been messin' wit de
E bird o' new jersey, muthafucker! dat kin git you five
folks know nothin'? dat cock-sucker not only mean 'n dangerous, he ignint in regards to de prep'ratium o' food-stuffs! even in san quentim I never seen
game got gun play
You be screaming wammy!!

To close don't get by me
Your to prone to tell
'Bout these bodies we catchin'
Dis dope dat we sell