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Skinned from within
I'm infected
Toxic locked in
Rejected spreading thin
Turn it all around
Diffusing scene
The daughter rides the chariot of fire

Controls the spirits of all enemies
Diffusing into the deserts of night

Withering in weakly sunlight

Number the corpses

Get louder
Get higher
Get true to form

It's hard to see
Diffusing the tune-up

Get it?
Get it, get it?
Diffusing rays of the sunlight
Making a glow of the glare

Is it a funeral for heart and soul?
Is it a funeral for heart and soul?

One day some strangers
it the land of the free?
Political banter if you ask me
Diffusing a problem, the question is how
With imminent conflict, the answer starts now

I can
Disorder of the order
A madness will last

Diluting the insanity of the world's scare
Diffusing the reaction
Deviating from obscure normality
The master
모습이 잘 보이게
가까이 더 가까이로 와

혹시나 거리감을 느낀다면 baby
걱정하지는 마
날 diffusing baby 

I'm not different different 
Different different 

I'm not
Skinned from within, I'm infected
Toxic locked in rejected, spreading thin
Turn it all around, diffusing scene, re-arranging
Stronger than all as my

And the constellations move
And the brightest point is falling
But every telescope
Was pointed only at you

And I've got nowhere to go
legs and arms are limp
Crushed by confusion
Lascivious eyes stare at me
I've never seen before
Musty smell in the air
Diffusing body odor

No more barricades, slowly diffusing
I'll be leaving now, nobody's losing
If you could play a part, stay in resistance
Every fault would fade into
and me bein' me
No, no, no diffusing
An echo keeps repeating to me
More of you and nobody
Can ever, ever try to be
A copy, a copy, a copy, a copy
Now we started from
A background thing find diffusing
If I'm not on
I'll make this home

Back loose this faceless trip you'll induce that face all
made of smoke
And just in time, we drift away
Diffusing light, confusing times
Growing up, or cascading down?
Cascading down
I'm hurting now


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