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Now it ain’t my fault if I don’t wanna be used love
Take a second and just let it diffuse cause
You don’t know what I want
Looking how far we’ve come
bout to see what's in my head
You're a girl I thought I knew, but I guess I had no clue
You're a bomb I can't diffuse, it's a mix of red and blue
And I
can I lose
When I'm built to win win win win
They try to diffuse
I can't give in in in in
Fuck all you fools
I don't need no friends friends friends
its cold-blooded lies

You've gotta put the fire out, diffuse the flames
Keep searching for the great escape in the ashes of yesterday
But if the fire
Beat communication
Beat connection
Beat communication
Beat connection
Refuse confusion (beat connection)
Diffuse illusion (beat connection)
Beat communication
Beat connection
Beat communication
Beat connection
Refuse confusion (beat connection)
Diffuse illusion (beat connection)
We're like a time bomb, gonna lose it
Let's diffuse it
Baby, we're like a time bomb, but I need it
Wouldn't have it any other way

Well, there's no
Where did we go wrong

Where did we go wrong
Where did we break loose
Where did we slow dance and just diffuse
I thought we had it all
All I hear inside my head is a hum
And I need you here to keep me calm
Hold my hand, diffuse the bomb
I ran away today
From things I know I can't
of all the same old fun
Need new sex to save me from
A kind of life that's minimal
Diffuse the signs of medieval
Don't ask me where I have to go
I walk
Diffuse this time bomb
Before it's too late

Our troubled minds cursed with pride and faith
We raise our fists as we shout out in vain
Still the throne made
To ease your pain away.

I'll taste you down.
I'm breaking off this
To diffuse the sound.
I'll wait for you to come around.
Is this serious,
Is this
time bomb
And I'm trying to stay calm
'Cause it could tick all day
And the facts my slip away
And diffuse the ticking time bomb
Oh the ticking time bomb
Saying “wake up” to try to diffuse
A situation damned from the start to end
I did kill him and I can’t pretend
With my pistol, gripped, from
fucked up in every single way
It's like an endless cycle
It's like a bomb I can't diffuse
I did everything I could
I was everything you wanted
But it turns
Man, I've got so much to do, I got no time to snooze yeah I'm tired of feeling blue
Sort myself with screws, pain I diffuse, you'll never
up turnin into obtuse
So big that bitch wanna reproduce uh
Stumblin and fumblin I need to diffuse the
Situation expiration you're no good use
Uh oh
to diffuse me
With your love drunk puppy girl eyes
And I love the way you're gonna wanna...
All the time
Dear who ever you'll be
Are you the waitress battin'
But my mind is consumed
So I hide in my room for the night
Stare at the sky and the moon
Fill my eyes with a muse
And the time will diffuse for a while
Like unstable chemicals
Combining only to explode

What will it take for you to notice?
I am a heart on fire, the dawn walls diffuse
So don't
We've got guns and we're praying all night

Is your mind at ease
When you sleep
Diffuse the threat
With small casualty
This hoax just 
kind of thread
Go ahead

I can't
I can't feel like
I can't diffuse
It feels like

What's inside of me?
I will curse you out from me
It's just two
Chuckle in delusion
No button to
Diffuse it
What are you doing
This is merely a
Psychedelic spark
Keep it lower
Lower than low
What are you doing
You start
Yeah, the feeling is you

I get in all this time
Our emotions diffuse
Only with you
But I just feel like

Goddamn, you got me
Goddamn, you

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