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(feat. Keyshia Cole)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Keyshia Cole)]
Damn, this is for all my women that's been going through the struggle
On welfare,
Or playa cards by keyshia cole
And all I know is it better not be I should've cheated by keyshia cole
Could it be I need you back
Cause girl I hope

[Keyshia Cole]
See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)
I'm givin' homage (to you)
I just wanted to have a bite with her, or something
Didn't go get up on that show to fight with her, or nothing
It was Keyshia Cole, Eric Benã,
dispose brothers
Embarrassing the family, Keyshia Cole mother
Man down, stand down, blam rounds
Have bitch niggas thinking that me and my camp clowns
a model spillin' drinks on me
Gimme 20 in the tank on 3
I'm in the Range bumpin' Keyshia Cole
Singin' off-key like [Andreena harmonizes]
niggas tried to jam me
I'm strapped now movin around wit the swammie
Got a baby by ya baby mama nigga we family
Niggas mad at the kid 'cause I'm caked up
blaze through the grey cloud, stop the rain 
Shear shirts by Chanel, baby, feel the breeze 
Drop top, me and shorty, while she be at my knees 
Keyshia Cole
The rap figures throwing money in the air like it's pizza dough
People in the hood ain't eating though (Though)
I tried to help the labels
I'm on, I can pick and choose
Only fuck with hoes who got shit to lose
Yeah, I heard stories about different dudes
Her man on campus but it's fine by me
fine by me
She say she only fucked like 4-5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3

Nobody's perfect, uh, nobody's perfect, ay, ay, uh
gon' rule like me
Keep it true like me, Cole you might be
Like the new Ice Cube, meets the new Ice-T
Meets 2 Live Crew, meets the new Spike Lee
Same places, different faces, on the train mane
New York, New York

How I go from selling reefa and plates
Till eating steaks with Cole and playing FIFA
Why'all niggas need to be around when my dick itch
Yo TNT these niggas acting wild like they homo
But they trying to see me fuck it I'm a pull up

It's lit
Feel the buzz?
That's a half?
Shit it was
It's lit
Feel the buzz?
It's lit
Feel the buzz?

She take me to a place that I never would
[Intro: Serious]
Yo remember we was goin down to the mall
To get the juniors with some cheesecake
And these crums was in the front
You know what
Probably different than you think, though
The quills that I dip into the ink go to document
And you'll remember me when I'm extinct

Yo, sing the carol
It's the protege of 50, inspired by Biggie
Burns more than Ziggy, them lil' niggas dig me
I been stressed out lately, so I'm smokin more than
The game changed me into a
different world like Dwayne Wade
Getting high just to maintain
Take my music like a drug and drop the
Needle in the same vein
at afterparties in heaven
Thank God my intro was peace to the 7's, let's go!

[Chorus: singers]
Battle me, so you can see
How I blast flows, so easily
Battle me, so
Want to be your man, please, tell you why
(I know what y'all thinking)
Doop doop doop doop doop doop
(First he can't be my man, now he
Ok you want me to do the intro alright

Parental discretion is advised for the moment
While I'm getting candid now understand it
Ain't too
	The music man (Repeat 4x)
I am the man, but I'm not the one with the can in his hand
I'm down with a different kind of street band
just on my Pharoahe Monch
Rappers, kneel before me like I’m trying to prepare a pun
I’ll cut your body up and put it in two different cars
Put it in
(I'm feelin' this here) Yeah son feel it man word up son. You gotta just do
It yo. (C.N.N.) Yo word up it's a different channel son word

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