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the engine
So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas

2 Chainz, you fucking crazy, motherfuckers know I'm fucking crazy
Fuck wrong with these bitches
on thieves
Out here looking for ice to put in they teeth
Chain glowing shining and I'm ready for beef
Like my nigga 2 Chainz, cappuccino from the east

There was a moth caught in the soapdish
Laminated in lye
Will you still remember me well
If I don't get to two-o-o-five?
My dead line Gemini
Sheepshead Bay, move to strong LI
But my self inner-self breaks North
And like Moses I'm judged by the cloth
Of my heritage who will bring forth the people
She did what responsible people do, she changed

[Chorus x 2]
She's a different kinda lady
She's not often understood

She was my best friend, my
off me, end is breathing easy as bulimics barfing
From a different breed of doggy, from a different seed and cloth
And teeing off, believe it's Golf
la folie
Dès l'enfance on est différents comme 2Chainz, c'est le diable qui tient ton couteau
C'est normal qu'tu t'prennes des coups d'chaise,
I'm standin' right beside you
It's not that I don't like you motherfuckers, I despise you
The other different pedigree, not cut from the same cloth
So God bless us, cut from different cloths and different textures
Different walks of life, some act, some are directors
Some are extras, and those
or religion
Come on, enough day to day stress of just living
Without giving a fuck if they’re hated just cause you’re different
Let’s do it under the name
"Fuck the President" it's evident
Hip Hop dead, them new niggas irrelevant
Different color braids, you niggas stuck in the maze
Ain't grew up by
am from a different cloth, no relation to y'all
And when it come to me and you there's no patience involved
The Lucifery conspiracy of Forward Pass
funny when buddy countin’ ya money
Buddy study your every utter
Wish he was from another mother
Born of a different cloth, LRG covered
And I move

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