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they stay in tha street
I'm only fuccin wit tha real niggaz, they playin fo keep
When tha streetz in yo whole blocc wit them 2
I'm old-skool ? play by
And blaze with me
2' in tha morning
And we still high assed out
Screamin' 'thug till I die'
Before I passed out
But now that your gone
I'm in tha
on the front porch, Blaze the indo
Runnin from tha cops with tha homies by tha liqour store
Somebody hit tha stach box, Pass me tha match doc
see-P-3, Caliope
They don't understand
Cause if I don't die or
Go to the pen(uh huh)
Shit huh, I'ma be tha man(damn)
And I be quick to hop in
Some gangsta shit(like
[KC and JoJo of Jodeci] 2X 
How do you want it 
How do you feel 
Comin' up as a Nigga in tha cash game 
Livin' in tha fast lane 
I'm for real
niggaz gon die by days, while you hoe niggaz cry
Why you fussin niggaz lie?
Die by days, don't want to hea about tha click you abound
You know a nigga
live by the gun you know what I'm sayin' Ren 
so I guess I'll die by that muthaphukka then 
so when I die niggaz bury me 
make sure my shit
(tha thug chicks who loved it)
Those them types that fuck wit me
(lets get this money till we die)

[Verse 2]
Climax a vocal, like tha local
wasn’t that raw
He came too far- to leave by tha back door

Did ya miss me ? depressed wit ya rap ?
Well tha good news – is ya boy comin’ back 

Verse 2
eyes fo
Cause ya mad i'm pushin good and pimped out tha side door

(Chorus 2X)
While riding in my Cadillac
What to my surprise..

(Verse 2)
Now when I
an only
Pimp slach tingin' twista from tha Chi
Makin' competition die slowly
Who am I?

[Chorus: x2]

Ha ha ha ha
Y'all didn't think that I would do
How you do that I call it dope boi magic

I get it nine in tha mornin' by night it just plastic
How you do that I call it dope boi magic
I'm fresh
ya eyes fo
Cause ya mad I'm pushin' good and pimped out tha side door

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Now when I hop off in tha Lac, I swerve tha interstate
High, For Every Man I
Watched Die Lord I Need To Know Do Gs Get To Go? For All Tha Women I
Runn Though Those I Did And Didn't Plain 2 Are Every Scam I
reveal deep secrets
Bout the street shit dat y'all so obsessed by 
I rep my niggas till tha death while tha rest slide 
Or rest die,Brave

told you fuckaz to Stick N Move N get tha fuck outta there. 
I see lots of people gots to die tonight fuck (Fading). 
(Bootleg) Part 2, 19 muthafuckin
To tha depth that tha game goes
Die all you hoes, foes, and you propose

Nigga better roll than get rolled over
We shuttin' shit down, and you
down ass chick
I want to be your chick
(Aint only for tha RULE baby)
I'll ride for you, die for you
Do anything you want me to
I'll be your down ass
promised to me; when will I stop?
I hit the weed
And hope to god I can fly high.
Witness my enemies
Die when I ride by;
They shouldn'ta tried me.
Ruff rugged tha incredible one,  Soopafly come wit tha bomb
A pound to brake a muthafucka down
Surrounded, by subliminal thoughts to keep me
of me
And a bullet proof vest and I'm hopin I don't have to see
now will it work in tha line of fire
Or will a nigga die in tha line of fire
I'ma bust
[Featuring Westside Connection] 

West syy eed 

Huh  niggaz be like wonderin where tha Ice Cream Man been at 

I been down South countin my
really wanna play hero

Two gun:
Its in tha clips with the hollow tips two gun that's trippin sat ready to rip
Equipped with the infareds on the automatic
and it's no.
When you think it's sin, want to live by tha sword,
Gotta die, gash, ash to dust.
They turnin' that passin' and not with tha less.
[Verse 2: Lil Scrappy]
Yo.. (Aye..)
See, I don't give a fuck if he know, you know
I'll smoke-a blunt in front of tha police like it's legal (C'mon!!)

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