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on the diatonic scale
Between harmony and discord
There is a place so come aboard

Gotta listen
All you gotta do is listen
Gotta listen
All you gotta do is
To the omega text
Life is now and death is next
Post bond out on bail from the belly of hell
Communicate through diatonic and pentatonic scale
hymns and diatonic phrases
Broken homes, CPS Investigations
Fridge full of items that passed they expiration
This cycle's been continuing for generations
the notes of the Ionian mode
Get big
Diatonic, the track is fire when I am on it
Haters are in danger cause we major like a giant comet
Diabolic monolith, I'm
Engraved in the atmosphere
Beneath the hollows
A coat of arms
Architecture of the stars
Through diatonic notes of ours
It's elegant art

have to use the capo just to make a damn key change...change

Won't someone end my diatonic dilemma
Please someone stop me before I strum again
Each time
of a tunnel, I'ma find a way
Feeling some type of way, your mind is trapped into cyberspace
Teacher become the student, that's how our pupil's dilate

Shit is diatonic
Looters pursuin' suit 
Thought the fabric will earn they profit 
Fuck whoever is knocking
See the Pelippers flocking
Dior, Dior,
minor diatonic scale
This beat is fucking fire Molotov cocktail
From the hood to the woods I am hiking for the bliss
This trail ain't the only thing that
Turn these people up
Never diatonic
I go bionic
Checking calls like it's Panasonic
Turn these people up
We don't think about it
Turn ya
like I'm symphonic
I'll be I'll be on it ay
14 bars like a sonnet ay
I'm In key I'm diatonic ay
Ain't robbin no bank I deposit ay

Let me through uh huh

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