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And let me groove you 
Got the phat groove... 

Salt N Pepa came back to the mic 
It's not the end of the road 
And like the boom in
you move
I can see by the way you groove
I can see by the way you smile
You're a rock 'n' roll woman
A rock 'n' roll woman
(Rock 'n' roll)

in my face and bass and I might just
And it's not n-n-not, n-n-not JUST ANOTHER GROOVE

Not just another...

Ah yeah, one two one two Jam
and rap to relieve them
The party society, groovi'n in a high anxiety
There's dancers by the variety, so go 'head and try it g
As I do body work like
Which I say and play, day by day
When I groove to the sounds of Jam Master Jay
So let's go now
Ya don't stop
You keep on and
Rock the house!
one, gun by
My side, as I mob to the beach, on a mission
And I'm fishin
For my DJ Warren G, now I look for the bud's sack
And see where my loves at,
my face
A fool could get his head split
A lot of doubters
Said it couldn't be done by me
them same suckers
Are now lookin' from under me
Wonder'n what
a break sometimes.
Listen to the groove y'all,
Let it unwind your mind

No intoxication,
Unless you see what I see.
Dancin' hot 'n' sweaty,
Right in front
Ain't I so smooth
I know that you like the way I move
When the clock strikes two
I'm gon' have you inside of the groove
Inside of the groove
and stand clear
You can't come near this hot sylin
Groove by the kid who's smooth as a violin
Aso the perfect lyric announcer

On the set with a cold
could split
'N find myself another groove
That was all I need
I was on the move
I packed my little sack 'n started ramblin'
To this day I'm a rover
this shit moving (keep on moving)
Get on down and put the groove in (groove, groove)
This party ain't never gonna end since
Right when it stop we're
Now, what you hear is not a test I'm rappin' to the beat,
And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet
See, I am Wonder Mike,

[Y. Hova] 
OutKast in the place to be (yeah)

Did you ever think that you would be the n**** on the block
Didn't have to break a steerin
Same to you, come on let's groove
To the purple rock 'n roll

Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

Better than good, better than good,
this shit moving (keep on moving)
Get on down and put the groove in (groove, groove)
This party ain't never gonna end since
Right when it stop we're
to lose
Let's get back in the groove
Repeat Chorus
I feel a rhythm between me 'n' you
No matter what I do - I do it with you
I'm so happy I can be myself
of the U.S.A. he got released and got hired by the D.E.A.
Then he got his green card by the I.N.S.
But that should’ve never happened due to previous arrests
to the bar and ordered a drink.
Pull out my money, grab my bank.
Sat at the table and to smoke some dank.

Posted by the bar and I did my thang.
I mean by treasure finding

I see the look in her eyes
She wants to ride the whip

Are you ready baby?
We're gonna rock n? roll the dice
all deserved it

It's so cool
It's the groove

I've been savaged by the vicious ones
Every boy in his low-life corner

It's only
But this girl, she's got moves,
Not to mention her eyes,
They've got me mesmerized,
N I gotta make her mind
And keep her dancein',
caught in the mix
Got that fresh gear on like we caught in the flicks
Grab sweeties by the waistline, rubbing our shit
Come on tell me that you like my
"Soulllllll!"  "rock and.." <--> "rock"

Rock the house!
Gonna tell you bout a groove comin' from the heart
Gonna make your body move, climbin' up
then we mix it
All together makin' all
Kinds of crap so that
Hey it's ok don't be frighttened
By the change but don't dare
Get in our