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Fatha devoutly,
Ain' no nigga c'n tell u what they kno' 'bout
Spit profoundly, criss-crossin' all Hip-Hop boundaries
So glad you found me, all them otha
got a clear mind and firm courage

O ring upon my finger, little golden ring
Devoutly I press you to my lips and to my heart

Sisters come adorn
a clear mind and firm courage
o ring upon my finger, little golden ring
devoutly I press you to my lips and to my heart
sisters come adorn me, banish
a clear mind and firm courage

Oh, ring upon my finger, little golden ring
Devoutly I press you to my lips and to my heart

Sisters come adorn me, banish
Countless opinions, a hotbed of riches
Last remaining entitlement
Feeling valued?
Or devoutly subdued?

Per Capita
All placated and humoured
Spreading sermons like a hymn preacher warding off the grim reaper
I believe devoutly, I believe devoutly
We can have some fun today
Don't you leave
who run will be burned
Those who run will be burned
Those who run will be burned

Devoutly wished for blinded eyes
This tragedy's like light
'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep
To sleep, perchance to dream, ay
There's the rub, for in that sleep of death what
years of kind occupation?
We will take them like sheep in their beds as they sleep
On the second night of their new year
Devoutly at home they'll be
Don't come closer to me
That's the way I work I'm sorry
You can live your life without me
Focusing on my music, devoutly
I need you to go (Go)
crown and fight devoutly
I'll be royalty, call me majesty
When it all falls down
And Bow! To! Me!
I'll show you dignity, ohh
Follow me and Spread! Those!
about em'
Don't know enough about me
All I know is that I never lived my life devoutly
Hounds up in the rose bush
Got mud up on my notebook
I'm bull
the intense social pressure of trying to pick a side
Don't deride me for my doubt because every day another devoutly 
Espousing lout shouts that the decisions I
Gag softly, embalm me 
The idle hands of many
Devour me, devoutly
You should have fell right through me
I've swelled to swallow you
You should have
already in hell, man you can smell the sulfur
Yall ain't woke y'all still broke on your mama sofa
'Ye the new Omerosa, yea he preachin' devoutly
With Trump
to hell
I just want to know when you go home you dream about me
My hands around your waist I'll worship your body devoutly
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna
that it ain't many, as I constantly reroute my mind 
Devoutly time every single message that I give you 
Ask a lot of questions, answers come from what I
rich I can tell they doubt me
But what would they do without me
I should live a lil more devoutly (Dear Lord)
I say no she get pouty (Damn)
Hoping this
my love is chill
Nor fixt on you alone?
And can you rend by doubting still
A heart so much your own?

To you my soul’s affections move
Devoutly, warmly
Way up high up in the sky!
They care you see,
So passionately,
So devoutly do they pray,
But deep inside,
With lizard eyes,
Chameleon in nature,
About the sun from the east
Glory be to you
And also with you
And my God

I devoutly followed
I piously lived
I feel like I dwell in Hell
Just feel like I dwell in Hell

Distress smashed on walls
Main points of cleansing extrema


Gold mitre, kirk fighter
Sacred ass sits on throne
Listen to me, devoutly
Or there is no reborn
nah learn some respect nah nah
To the people who gon’ doubt me
My brothers they act devoutly
My actions will speak so loudly
My thoughts, I think

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