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skill is developed
If you ain't got a skill or trade, then shut the hell up

My rhymes is like droppin your head on cement
Crackin it open hopin
skill is developed
If you ain't got a skill or trade, then shut the hell up

My rhymes is like droppin your head on cement
Crackin it open hopin
In the event of kids really bringing in arms
We was still in gauze
Comin' outta schools ringin' alarms
Some wettin' teachers with Super Soakers
The ones who draw a picture 
And proclaim that it's art

But you, and you, and you and you 
You're just an animal developed into 
You and you
It's time to let the bullets fly

Developed all exposure
Revealing no composure
The gates are open wide
The wrecking ball is here
Your chest
the infinity of truth
The dreams of manking
Hope - Wishes - Love or uncertainty
Fear - Hate - Like
Like a self-developed film - Like a self-developed film
developed a fellowship through it
It's no pretend shit, it's friendship, me nemisis is su nemisis
The same for him, it's just media, see to them it's just
Rise I shall come morning
Look the leper in the eyes
and smile Withhold
No rush to be sent off
I have developed kennel cough
Contest to modern theory
Incapable of any progress
Analyzed, developed
Imitating consciousness
At least what it seems to be
just went, and they just went, and they just went on

The handshake is thought to have developed
As a gesture to demonstrate that neither party
nowhere left to run
Your life within my power
Immortal forever 

It was developed in the art of war
My blood and spirit made of iron fury 

And damn near wouldn't fold
Check the picture with the apple jack hat
My father even taught me how to skat
So I developed the skat into what we call
needs to retire in Orlando
Rap has developed in the motherland by storytellers of wisdom
No wonder we're best-sellers
The art was passed on from
I was never good enough for you until I packed my bags and left
Chose to be selfish for once and now I'm paying off my debt 
Developed issues through
Oversight committee is coming alive 

    I come from a good family  
    But I developed individually 
    In ways 
    That just, just aren't right.
skills are developed from fuckin with dungeons and dragons

and ya'll so emberassing
and ya'll should be panicking
boy is a savage, now what can I manage
like that man.
But we can't live alone.
Try as the world
may be developed.
We can't live alone.

I failed as often as
whenever I tried.
I shared the room
You just can't regret your philosophies
You can't total out developed winnings
That's for your dreams to see fruition

And that's a fucking system
is right
Will to power, a goddamn fight
Well developed through Nitzschean conspiracy

[Hammond solo by Mirai]

Your God is omnipotent, why then
He developed a need for fame and greed said a rock band is what I need
He bought a whammy bar and sold his soul Him and his friends played
how these witches be doin'
We cold water

We be stucking
We be stucking
They grow

Because we developed together
Forever, wherever,
world a crack baby
My bottle was brass monkey
I developed a brain tumor,now I consume a half ounce of Rose
I sniff bullets with my snub nose
I grew up
what it takes to frustrate and dismantle apathy
Rain, wash away the temptations before I let them get the best of me
Designed and developed inside
we'll turn to you 
But if we're an image of you 
I reckon you are just as puzzled and ugly too 

You think we have developed fast; that we're

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