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Oh, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack,
Jackie Lace Back, oh!
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack.

We've got a view of the dirty sea rising.
Women float by on rafts made

And I said, "Thank you, Jack White,
For the fiber-optic Jesus that you gave me."
It shined so bright
That I couldn't help believin' it would
Detroit women won't let mr. jack white rest
There's a crowd on the corner
Wonder what could it be
One thing but the womens is trying to get to me
I went

White line
Double time
Come around with a hammerdown


Last night saw me in Detroit
Hotel bar lookin' good
Well I
Move by the case, no white, [?]
And who got a light, it's time to spark
Smoke a doobie with a cutie grab a booty and a [?] like
That's how we do it,
Game to pull a black and white card
You's the busta
Detroit don't love ya
You'll end up so-so muthafuckas
You know ?
See a nigga in porterico
He shake my
Hit the road Jack

        Black is black
        White is white
        That's all right
        If you're right
        That's all right
Let's go vike
Let's go vike
I gotta (played/blade?) alibi (x4)

A man in a gripped(?) white suit
??? when you fly by
I'm not gonna talk to your feet
My name's Mark.
And I'm white.
I live in a predominantly white neighborhood.
I went to a predominantly white college.
And I have
(hey hey)
Your lips kiss Jack on fire

And when you fall in love with me
We can dig a hole by the willow tree
Then I will fuck you till you die
Of a magazine

Some day (some day)
I'd like (I?d like)
To take a walk with you
Maybe ride our bikes down by the sea side

Meg White
I saw you on the big
mule, I'm a stubborn ass

Maybe that's why I feel so strange
Got it all, but I still won't change
Maybe that's why I can't leave Detroit
from nowhere out on the desert sand
One Eyed Jack the trader hold some turquoise in his hand
By his side sat Running Elk his longtime Indian friend
[Jack White and Meg White]
Rag and bone!
Rag and bone!
Rag and bone!
Rag and bone!

[Jack White]
Meg, look at this place.

[Meg White
The eagles filled the sky

Catch the Detroit Lightning
Out of Santa Fe
Great Northern out of Cheyenne
From sea to shining sea

Gotta get to Tulsa
In the beginning there was Jack,
And Jack had a groove,
And from this groove came the groove of all grooves.
And while one day viciously throwing
Tuna on white, guns all night

Cat taboo girl, raped by an ape
Cat taboo girl jam the sucker in
You dig the mongrels
All work and no play
Makes Jack a dull chap
When it comes to the crunch
It s too much I've got to stop
No pain and no gain it s driving me insane
and an apple for mommy
Conservative say there ain't no black in the Union Jack
Democrats say there ain't enough white in the Stars and Stripes

Tuna on white
Guns all night
Blah blah blah

Cat taboo girl-
Raped by an ape
Cat taboo girl
Jam the sucker in
You dig the mongrels
escape from proverbial cloud nine

Sad dependency
Brain fried society

Mind snare

All essence of being turmoil
Your white powder God brings life
I'm alright
I'm alright
Union Jack
(Fly the flag, fly the flag)

Gimme a Britain that's got back the Great
A race of winners not cramped by
Vital stats - how white was their skin
Unimportant - just another inner-city drive-by thing
Morning - fine - serve your first coffee of the day
to catch the shade, Preacher jump up all ablaze.

รข??They say this year rock is coming back, Jack.
White gnashing teeth like wolves in the pack.
jumped up all ablaze

They say this year rock is comin' back jack
White gnashing teeth like wolves in a pack
Carnivorous, no mercy hon'
There's plenty