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Dethrone mankind
the Dark Lord 
Dethrone The Tyrant King 

Turn his Reign to ash 
Cremate the Dragon home 
Deliver Pain and Death 
To reap what you have sown 

a gun and a knife
Staring back at you
No security force or vigilante's
Overweight ego can dethrone me
Ostracized if not otherwise
Left to my own
and destroy
Both sides begin to contest
Corpses of the defeated
Shrouding the front line with death

Ordered to attack, dethrone and dismantle
Resurgence the cure

Dethrone the aggressor
Havoc ridden ascension
Resurgence of the will
Strong shall emerge

the earth)
(He reigns over all the earth)
(He reigns over all the earth)

No one can beat Him
No one can kill Him
No one can dethrone Him
He reigns forever,
Slaughter the lungs of humanity
Spreading devastation through this world
a price we never can pay

Dethrone the impassive governments. No more
sand a desert uses

wipe that look from your face
The world is that which is the case
It is okay to be seen
Don't dethrone the drama queen
Just for
Bestow upon me knowledge 
Wizard, all-knowing, all-wise 
I want to rule my kingdom 
Make sweet the breeze, not once defiled 
Dethrone the evil
Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Bloodshed wasteland
Bloodshed wasteland

Life, ravage skullduggery
Rage, dethrone the enemy
No one can kill Him 
No one can dethrone Him 
He reigns, He reigns 

Jesus reigns 

No one can beat Him 
No one can kill Him
Come forth, possess me
Servants of Satan 
In this night I'll dethrone him 
The king of the Jews 

Rise, enchant me 
Grasp my soul 
Shine down on me
If You're the one who gave it all to dethrone my shame

I'm empty
All of my successes have left with
Now that all
dethrone the enemy
Die treacherous leprosy
Scorn the self inflict

Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Everywhere is bloodshed
From my (singing) conviction.
Blind my cyclopian, trifling dreads
And dethrone the useless days
From my infested eyes.
Irony, my care.
language I choose 

The author grew fat to imagine 
His lead pen careening 
Gave voice to the scheming 
An aryan cabale to dethrone 

The guile
the demon inside

The battel rages for the church of the sun
Victorious, I dethrone the chosen one

Defeated cast the weak to the sea
Perched upon my throne,
Mumbling verses, just swimming through the ground

I invite you to dethrone me, you've all had enough of me
Had enough of me, had enough of me
Your eyes
souls are crying
Resurrecting paradise, cry for freedom
Killing pain, a million lies,
Dethrone tyranny

Forces of evil, they never surrender
The divinely grace Faunus, Father of evolution,
Dethrones the mankind equilibrium...

Devoted to the unbitted threats,
For Errings the homicide
Wild life
Malign creature
The holy temple
He will destroy
He'll dethrone Gods
He'll be emperor of death
to dethrone

In the quietness of Heaven
And in the orgy of Hades
An empire will raise
Against the churches
And against the priests
It'll be like
Dethrone the son
The crucified one
Dead and begotten
Unfortunately forgotten

Death on the cross
Life was your loss
You fell from Roman hands
Bestow upon me knowledge
Wizard, all knowing, all wise
I want to rule this kingdom
Make sweet the breeze now defiled

Dethrone the evil prince's

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