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carry me, my own endurance buries me. 
Deterrents make me weary, so I wear this ring for reassurance.
Currents carry me, my own endurance buries me.
of serpents
Detergents, deterrents and permits, to build a hut
Twerk team, Operation Build-a-Butt
Great like [?] the sleeve
As a king breathes through a silver
Well you will tomorrow - sleep well

This court's
Best deterrent
To set
New precendents

The verdict of course
Couldn't be worse
of publicity; and the basic idea was that a bunch of us nations, the good guys, would get together on a joint nuclear deterrent force including our current
startin' static 

Now it ain't all good when your jam goes wood 
So as a deterrent, I use mental current 
Got them brothers shook, peep the look comin'
As a deterrent they are left there for months
Their agonizing deaths will serve to warn the rest
Betrayers will be hunted, betrayers will die
I did taste their only dream
As denial was still unborn
Secrets beyond those dethroned walls
And echoes of a martyr's scream
Deterrent vibrates
driver rate and comprehensive insurance, 
And she's loaded with electronic theft deterrents 
Step away from the car, step away from the car 
Step away
Quite right to be worried about the proliferation
Of nuclear bombs and power stations,
But there's a deterrent that's going to
Unearth us yet...
has no eyes, sole has no eyes 
Ten, nine, eight, seven 
Our own independent nuclear deterrent has helped to keep the peace. 
Six, five four, three,
of negligence ignorance and inheritance
Disrespecting the history literally disparage us
Cyclically embarrass us cynically impair in us
Clinically deterrent drugs
Gotta let the foolies know, 'cause the youngin's stay tripping
Police ain't no deterrent if you ain't known for getting caught
We rolling under
time, it's your moment
The promises are near


Spread your wings, at the edge to take the flight
Look beyond, deterrents in your sight
just one idea
Random onomatopoeia
I don't drink coffee
I need uppers
I need something
Need insurance no deterrents
I ain't hurt but need a surgeon
worth to stay
Is there anyone who would put up with this fate

Straight outta school to the stockroom to slave
Quite deterrent image of life
the tories
Corrupt government, no glory
We'll renew Trident
And leave the Union
There's no deterrent for our fucking revolution
All just kids with things
the street 
But the deterrent of parental guilt, it never worked on me
When I was just a little boy, I asked he what I'd grow to be
She said if you don't change
We're always on guard

It's a shame that for a lifetime
We've had to walk the streets in fear
With one hand on the deterrent, constantly anxious for
Ce qui brille

On dirait une fable
À l’envers
Les racines des arbres
Se déterrent
bien comment faire
Quand les corps se libèrent
Décadents et mondains.

Apprend un peu d'Apollinaire
De ces mots troublants qu'on déterrent
Quand on n'a
it's gone and how does it end
The faces are lost scattered in the wind
Another climb lined with deterrents
Hold ourselves against it while everything
they died no-one will ever know

They said they would save us as deterrents they would be used
Except they brought destruction to an earth that grows
up into smoke without the lamb skin
Definite chance that you might get burnt
But some cats are so thirsty that's not a deterrent
They just get
a better deterrent then the chair
But even mister green river won't have to worry much about hanging up their

Underturn the peasant
Into another panic

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