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Now I'm just along for the ride
Just go along with the ride
You know that slow is how you need to drive
Ain't no deterrent when you flowing with
I pull people together, set fires, and burn it
(Imma go and burn it down like)
2021 is the year when I built up the courage to get the mic and just
carry me, my own endurance buries me. 
Deterrents make me weary, so I wear this ring for reassurance.
Currents carry me, my own endurance buries me.
Mafungo her dish 
Boricua Boricua red white and blue
Heard the treasure buried in the saloon 
Pirates made ruckus they came in the room
Pirate deterrent I
the same old song now
But got to move on now, or drown in the current
You the only deterrent, you the only deterrent
You the burden that's burning to stop
Life is short full of deterrents
Won't resort got the endurance
Know I'll make it someday
Just gotta keep my pace
From the cradle to the grave
les digues invisibles
Rien n'échappe
Aux langues salines érodant les âmes trop sensibles
Mais les vagues polissent et déterrent
Retirent le sable les
Intrusive thoughts in my head, need a deterrent
I'm still trying to get ahead
The finish line's right out of reach but it's in front of Death
If I keep going
Well you will tomorrow - sleep well

This court's
Best deterrent
To set
New precendents

The verdict of course
Couldn't be worse
of serpents
Detergents, deterrents and permits, to build a hut
Twerk team, Operation Build-a-Butt
Great like [?] the sleeve
As a king breathes through a silver
of publicity; and the basic idea was that a bunch of us nations, the good guys, would get together on a joint nuclear deterrent force including our current
startin' static 

Now it ain't all good when your jam goes wood 
So as a deterrent, I use mental current 
Got them brothers shook, peep the look comin'
As a deterrent they are left there for months
Their agonizing deaths will serve to warn the rest
Betrayers will be hunted, betrayers will die
And this will make you laugh 
Your love an electric current
And this will make you cry 
Your love a nuclear deterrent
And this will make you crying
I did taste their only dream
As denial was still unborn
Secrets beyond those dethroned walls
And echoes of a martyr's scream
Deterrent vibrates
driver rate and comprehensive insurance, 
And she's loaded with electronic theft deterrents 
Step away from the car, step away from the car 
Step away
up into smoke without the lamb skin
Definite chance that you might get burnt
But some cats are so thirsty that's not a deterrent
They just get
the foreigners. 

I feel the evil lurkin, I heard the devil working overtime beneath the surface. I speak in parsel tongue, don't hit me with no sleek deterrent
Quite right to be worried about the proliferation
Of nuclear bombs and power stations,
But there's a deterrent that's going to
Unearth us yet...
has no eyes, sole has no eyes 
Ten, nine, eight, seven 
Our own independent nuclear deterrent has helped to keep the peace. 
Six, five four, three,
deterrent will not hold you down, nor hold you back
lift your chin and open your eyes, for the sky is falling on you
for in your wanting you have been found
time, it's your moment
The promises are near


Spread your wings, at the edge to take the flight
Look beyond, deterrents in your sight
of negligence ignorance and inheritance
Disrespecting the history literally disparage us
Cyclically embarrass us cynically impair in us
Clinically deterrent drugs
the tories
Corrupt government, no glory
We'll renew Trident
And leave the Union
There's no deterrent for our fucking revolution
All just kids with things

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