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ella, que vol canviar el món
Un Leonides passant revista a 300 espartans

Abans de s'instant determinant
Me sent perdut
abans de s'instant determinant

1. Vous cor-ri-gez votre at-ti-dude il en é-tait bien temps
C'est un é-lé-ment dé-ter-mi-nant mais non mais non
Mais non mais non
We're at once determinant,
Yet so insignificant,
Spinning out in the velvet dark.

Still, down here
There's no fear
There's no cause for panic
The coffin or the furnacing, talking more determinant


What, you think I'm scared, you think I'm a pussy?
Really now, how far did you
Had a determinant feelin'
But I had no idea
That you'd be there that evenin'
I forgot everything that I'd said

Had made a decision
To be on my own
We all follow a line
That we think of as time
But it's all in our minds
In our minds

All your life has been set
Infinite determinants determine it
every theory
All random elements
Become determinants

Out there lives someone
Pirate space kingdom

We get lost
In this chaos
Too soon for us
mówili tamci na walizkach
I wracali po słoiki razem z nimi Last Christmas
To banicja pachnie chlebem determinant
Zanim to poskładamy w całość minie jeszcze
From doubt to doubt, I hear no sound

Should be the last thing to be made

Fade in faith, there's no mistake

Pleasure won't be determinant on final
J'ai moins besoin d'amour que de gens honnêtes
Réglé le féminin solitaire dans l'âme 
Les hommes pleurent dans l'ombre
Déterminant prendre son
Du black ou un contrat indéterminé mais sans déterminant
On t'l'enfonce comme un Perdolan
Ma bite, mon fer de lance, faire l'amour sans intervenant
à s'faire, qui a le shit qui s'tord
J'ai pas beaucoup de frère, j'veux du blé, les gros phares, qui voudra m'éliminer
Un peu de temps, ça sera déterminant
was now
Locked in permanent
This indiscriminate force takes course with no determinants..
I was a candidate ever since I had this thing called life
And their blood sacrificed
For the righteous determinant
Slaughtering to attain

Flawless steal cuts down our enemies
With ancestral precision

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