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Make It Clap hazme alucinar
Yo tengo algo pa' ti
Ven no te demores mas
Tu sabes como lo hacemos
Dame chyni por ahi
Detectable lo que quiero
So I can wear it free of shame
But we'll see how far a martyr goes
To bear the weight of his last name

I don't drip just to have fun 
I carry
baby money
It's detectable

Huh, you got baby money
It's detectable
my baby girl
My baby my baby my baby girl
My baby my baby my baby girl
My baby
Cómo arequipe dentro del chocolate
Llena de sorpresas sin ser detectable
easily settable 
By those desperate to make inevitable 
The idea utopia isn't gettable 

But there's no evidence detectable 
Revolution ain't selectable
It's all just a hologram

Locked in a vault it's a cryptogram
A lie on the Polygraph test
It's detectable
My handles and crossovers impeccable
My character is highly respectable 
The bitch in you really detectable 
And I sense it
The cash dirty I gotta
y'all still seeing decimals
And I swear my life has become so amendable
A snake in the grass has become so detectable
The hiss in their voice has become
Nothing gained
Nothing gained
Nothing gained

Boy you need a miracle
To make yourself detectable
Just don't make a spectacle 
In her vicinity
Her vicinity
I sense a pussy the shit is detectable 

Green light so you know I'm never stopin yeah
I got the cash you know I cop the Cartier 
I did the race so
detectable in Celsius or Fahrenheit
This flame completely consumes me knowing all the same
I must control my vitals
But if I succumb you are my ultimate
esteemed - and respectable
See us making progress, it’s truly a spectacle
They sliding, hear slithering - snakes all detectable
I'm the best it's
curiosos con cámaras
Detectables solo a los que moran de noche
Arrastrando un carro de la compra

Quien se centró en conocer la verdad
Y se propuso olvidar
you better prep cause that shit is so detectable
I drop bombs they incognito
They aint really ready for this upchucking negro
Uppercutting Ls got
Aim for the stars and my shot is impeccable
Got a whole closet of Gucci collectibles
That's why your bitch wanna come and get sexual
I got
speaking to the general
I️ could smell the fear in the air it’s hella detectable
These bullets love to fuck niggas, they homosexuals
Disrespect your whole
I drove to you with materials 
Gathering at my feet
We'd been excavating, landscaping
Pushin' it all around
Shaking barely detectable remnants 
les deux pieds dans la cité facilement détectable
Mais qui va m'empêcher

Refrain : 

Les zinkoos m'ont dit si tu t'en vas, fais nous plaiz c'est pour
of you

And besides that, it just ain't respectable
I can smell sellouts, 'cuz they plain detectable

Good ol' music; we might never get it back
Yo, but
know behind those eyes there’s much more that’s detectable
Cos I see your soul and that fire inside
I see honour and I see pride, yes I do
But I’m like
you just step inside
They say even Bambi was corruptible
The flu's coming, yes are you susceptible?
If only traces of lead were detectable
Open your
just tryna say hello
No time put that bitch on the schedule
Don't know how i feel off this edible
No mask you ca see he detectable
Got that gas smell
refuse to argue over if the earth is flat
Still looking for detectable curvature is where I'm personally at
Saying the earth is flat might sound insane
with my system?

I don't know...

They're controlling all details of my life

It's so unreliable

It's not compatible

It's not detectable

It's not

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