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Take it how you want to take it
I'm done explaining myself
Fighting my thoughts detaining myself
Really be staining myself
Look like I'm painting
this make me horrible? 
My judgment fails tobe the truth 
Now with open ground at my feet
I conquer all the things detaining me
Habits fracture
These frauds be going thru they lil phases
Grade A Finnesser when they ask my occupation
Detaining me, trynna scare me
Trynna build me a case shit
and unmarked vans
With unmarked soldiers capturing and detaining citizens
Because they got the judges who will let them destroy the earth
And tax cuts mean these
nation one nation
My demons been chasin
But me I'm facin
All of these things that keep detaining me
Holdin me down
Slowin me down
So I gotta make it count
That rights are reserved for the richer

Fuck cops, detaining for the government
Fuck cops, they wear shame as an ornament
They're abusers and serve
I did my time, I want to be released
From the chains, Detaining me
Mass hysteria, Surrounding me
Locked away, Inside
Through way the key
Haunted by
Claiming me like I'm your property
Kissing my neck removing your sun dress trying to get to the strap
That's detaining your breast
Panties moved to the side

Detaining people for living in poverty
Neglect and indifference whilst their dying in custody
A coincidence this always happens to a black family?
gotta ID me
Killing us... while we detained
But detaining mass shooters
Letting them walk with some loose chains
Isn't that strange
We come so far but
Within my spirit and soul
Lays dormant a picture a most
Detaining, lustful, endless sight
The world I used to know
I loved and adored before
bitching out, I got that thang with me
I got caught lacking by the cops, they start detaining me
I done seen niggas switch up, and that's still insane to me,
you let me go? Or will you give a ticket, huh? (Give a ticket, huh?)
Just cuff me up
Officer, why you scared of love?
Detaining me but you're
of habeas
Centuries later they still illegally detaining us
Wonder what's under there, what's making them so afraid of us
Must be that nig-tophobia, they
And chaining restraining
detaining renaming
Selling and checking
and weighing comparing
And a whole lotta things
That god didn't pray on

I grow like a tree
surprise that his taser
Deploys on the regular, see pain as entertainment 
After a long day of slaying and detaining 
Colored youth, he goes home kisses
Break away the tension I just put it in detention
Coldly like an ICE agent!
Ya'll busy detaining, all your dreams and aspirations
While i've been
its crazy
Being patient it really phase me 
Progression kills 
See my perception 
No it ain't no detaining
Ain't gotta tell you why I do it
N***a I'm
the answers blur together 
Stop and go 
But I can't help it 

On a roll 
Medicating, self detaining
Takes a toll
But I can't help it 

Fighting like hell just
the houses of Saud? well we're
Sleeping with dogs. But detaining the pack.
They're stealing my rights with the patriot
Act. With Washington runnin'
The screaming from their cries
Detaining dreamers on the rise
They live in constant fear
Danger is always near
They want a chance to survive 
It takes a certain
Entangled in the torture network of his 
The passage is closing in 
Detaining my focus 

Five became four 
Ten became nine 
My misery loves
Say it's a war, well I agree
A war between right, hatred, racism, greed 
Detaining millions looking for help
Separation is nothing those children should
detaining those who fit the file
And exercise the right to hold you without charge without trial
Saying where do you eat what do you study
Where do sleep

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