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want to walk

The nighttime here is a plastic box
Gently amplifying in the basement rock
The distant tones from the detainees
Friendly girls who
the casualty
You know you lied about the W-M-D
You know you lied about the detainees
All over this world

Stop talking about staying the course
You keep
the casualty
You know you lied about the WMD
You know you lied about the detainees
All over this world

Stop talking about staying the course
You keep
I'm on Guantanamo Bay takin' pics in a Captain Morgan pose
With my left foot on a pile of detainees screamin' "we are renegades!"
Fuck you, pay me
morning, as I drove down 95
To a story of detainees who were barely kept alive
I could deal with trying to process pigeons acting like they're doves

to believe

Segregated are kindred
Lies are told
Blame the scapegoat once again
Hinder thousands of dreams
This oligarchy
Means no one is
Vocabulary is 刺激的
今から burns to the 3rd degree
Heal up son here's some ビタミン C
俺の仲間 are detainees
僕のギャング only plays (playiz)
No chokes 本当に無し
Plans go precisely
they take our oil and gold nothing left but crumbs
Battlefields full of skulls turn our gardens to slums
Refugees from overseas why they detainees
falls on down and makes the ground bleed
Crumbles under the boots of fellow detainees
The pieces blowing away in the autumn breeze
Comes to rest
detainees, it’s life!
Never give it up (The light)
Never giving up (No lie)
I don’t live in luck (I try)
I don’t give a fuck (Its life)
It’s life (It’s life)
Ever since the lights came on I've been trying to find to find the sun
But the recent detainees think something has come over me
Since the Lights
rolling surf that falls again onto the shore
A bizarre and heartless home 

The numbers were due
The detainees were landed on ice
Four handsome vicars are
the rich, they are for the most able
Not all follow the same path nor after death
The Massacre still separates the social and indigent detainees

Fit men
When we look out past dividers
We're unsurprised to see
More folks erecting fences
Becoming detainees
Before I worry about you
Or you worry about me
authorise the bombing of civilians in Afghanistan.
We did not authorise permanent detainees in Guantanamo Bay.
We did not authorise the withdrawal from
Firm, but benign
Detainees released
Protecting identities
A septic cleanse
The silence, the absence, the proof
In not being there
A little

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