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and agony was blowing out my brain
Had to keep myself in my room all alone 
So I wouldn't feel lost keep my feeling all detained
(All Detained)
Keeping all my
suspicious, being detained
Being searched, being arrested, bloody bloody border
Immigration lows, Arizona crows, sanguinary times
Immigration lows, Arizona
find myself with the enemy
Unavoidably detained
A day late

Well I have
Neglected all my fears along with my family and careers for my goals
war when they were spawn.

Continents detained
Continents detained

Sentinel of life
Memory access

No chaos, no crime,
to them
So they just stopped me, grabbed me, reh teh teh teh
So what's the reason he's being detained then?

I was Dave, that was evident
Still no
insane and wack
While I gain you lack
Your busy detained while I'm bouncing back
Must I really explain through some overblown boring flashback
You were
all get detained
Just for fighting tyranny this country is fucking insane

Try to watch try to help put your pride back on the shelf
Notice those in
the day we meet again
I'm detained against my own will

In this world
There is no out
We are as they want

Fallen and forgotten
of these chains?
Will they live again?
Will they smile someday?
Still another innocent heart remains
Wrongfully detained

Lost and found with one last breath
bring the heat..get the fuck up out the street/U don’t really want that Murda/Black 45 rang/really want that Murda /whole crew detained/really want that
the fierce when vengeance is not detained

Your wrath has taken control of me
Your wrath left me with nothing to be

Diabolical I scream when he approaches me
can't be tamed
Crowned like a king can't be detained
You don't wanna make the same mistake
Maybe it's best to stay awake
Maybe it's best to take a break
When all else fails - will you follow me to mine??

Subjected to your deity
Now dejected from society
Detained in hypocrisy
As you pull the trigger
Yeahhh I'm going on a rampage, tell me do really think that I am deranged
You can't tie me down yeah I cannot be detained
They be shooting shots quit
the obscene
Travel these wonders far beyond
Burn down the walls that bind you to this cage, or be detained
For once, a glimpse at freedom would feel divine
people's identification are on file

We have orders from the new government to detain these people

These people must be detained immediately
can't be detained

Cause I'm a ninja yeah
You make one wrong move 
Ima end ya
Cause everybody's been hating 
On all the moves I've been making
They never
detained keep me sane and alive
Keep on playin we gone blow his brains in the street or the lot
Ain't do no time
My cousin kept it street
He servant Allah
Can't deny, whatever it takes
Soul is out for decades
Wanna see, crawling free
Take a step by three
And it's calling out by my name
I'm detained by
It's plenty, its plenty
Oh my God!
I'm fucking with the best crew
Yeah, yeah!!
Nah wetin you gain?
set me up, I was doing my thing
2015 I was detained
Mass shooters, Detained calmly
So shout this shit, Til we get it
We need it promptly
We need justice
Before we can ever have peace
Freedom, Loaned
his lane 
Or they ass will get detained 
I won't tell your ass again 

Lyrically he go insane
Keep these rappers out his lane 
All these rapper get
detained here
It's cold outside just lay near
In the block, I was raised here
We got that Christmas with sauce
Doing your mom like a boss
Your jays they from
Detained by the margins of your faith
Detained by the margins of your faith
A straight that bends to its beginning
Non-dimensional philosophy of mind

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