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her quite soon

Ooh, Iris
The girl with the lovely name
I feel desirous
I got that girl to blame
Ooh Iris

I'll be brave, put all my fears away
(Desire, desire)
People, people
Desirous people
I woke in a sweat from a desirous fever in the pocket of yesteryear 
Where faults have fallen to some. 
I begged not to carry the corpse. 
To not
to raise
A gravestone over our sister

Even desirous and modest adobe
Under the sighing branches
Where time and death, a marriage forebode
Twixt beauty
the virus
Straight through the dust, into your iris
Cut through the crust of this desirous trash
Gonna watch it burn and snort the ash

Fire and thunder pull
'fore you are deceased
Laugh a little 'fore you are deceased

You ought to heed your parent's advice
"Worry a little less. Don't live life desirous
Watchful eye
With winged desire
You lay in wait indignantly
A sordid past
Desirous lust
A scar exposed for all to see
enough loving

I got a fire inside got a desirous mind
Paranoid and grinning from behind some shifting eyes
Cannot decide
Half of the time I'm tired
Desirous, this song I bring
On these unrestin' bones
Long ways from home, I stumbled
Long, since time begun
O' the thing I done
The thing I done
won't come down.

It's night vibration to be desirous.
Realize temptation has chosen us.
If we pound on pavement and think it's bad enough.
To live
the dark delusion
All right, I draw my dagger
I have no choice
You're a slave of lust in tiredness and greed
Inflame your eye at the desirous brightness
Holy silence instead of scream 
She had become desirous of what 
She shouldn't have ever dreamt 

Playing a part of a beautiful bride 
Was not her

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