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absolver of crimes
The heat of the light, shines on my soul
Save me this day is all I descry
Hoping to live, and let me be born

Giving of life filling this
One day, may be
You will understand me
Your love is all I need
If you do not descry
I won't cry
That is papa's song
And my life is going on
I descry

broken bodies in the dirt, lives seeping away
in response we’re asked to pray
while concerned experts contend to say
whence evil springs
A murderous contempt for science is disclosed

Who am I when push comes to shove?
A madman investing exanimate matters
To descry anatomical enigma?
Descry the reasons of his crime
As he boasts about values and pride
The smell of drinking gets him high 
And chasing shadows where there is no
can´t descry beyond your seat

There´s no clockwork time for emotions,
for dreams that live in between.
Fiery hearts may cause a chain reaction
to descry the wondrous aleph

In one split second I glimpsed a million worlds from every angle
while losing all sense of space and time I ceased to be myself
of your heads up high
I descry what you imply
Your jewels aren't here
Murky water pools
The shine in halcyon years
He is the starlight in our eyes
Rose is dying
Sober eye
Run a thing
You were crying
Sober eye
In silence, you sing
No one descries
I will keep it tame
If I can't turn
descry, you wanna fly
This is me officially saying goodbye
Plans, thoughts and fantasies
Now they mean nothing to me
But how I’ve grown insanity
I had your
Oh soon
Stay close
On surface 
I'll land 

Oh, soon my sight's gonna catch what I'm
Looking for in this 
Dark hugeness, let me descry our moon
You continue looking in the eyes

You're nobody inside
Why can't they descry
The cheap tactics works
And even makes them cry

Your ideals are so
Walk the path I'll lead you there
Walk and see what you've become

You were lost but you found a way to descry faith
You were lost but you met peace
for it to shear
At the cost of descry tears
Pretentious little lear

Channel Odious
That's all I'll ever get to know
What are signs for the untamed
I'll meet you in lettering after the solstice

Forgetting the time
How we change our feed connections
I'm losing my high, now
I descry the horizon
ending yours
Descry no message of hope in my eyes
Find in me a fortified tower destroyed
All-seeing obsidian
Find the shadowed heart driven into the sun
at night,
Knowing justice isn't justice when it leans on your side?
You think you're hard to descry? I've got you in my sights.
I can see the rot behind your
denunciation thirst.

See mote - no beam descry,

Fault's bigger in brother's eye,

Why not you sweep you porch clean first? 

What I Must, what I May,

rolling down
So feel this feeling
It's hard to descry
The speed of spinning

Little lie, little lie, little lie, little lie
Little lie lives, little lie,
continue looking in the eyes

You’re nobody inside
Why can’t they descry
The cheap tactics works
And even makes them cry

Your ideals are so greedy
At first
I wanted to be part of
It's fucking haunting me inside
Now I know it's all a lie
I took a glance up at the sky
Not what I wanted to descry
But I
turn it now pursues

A cleansing conflagration for all who may descry
Purging the tenantry of light.

Serpentine the river flows slowly through crag
life, truth cuts like a knife!

Walk across the burial ground where you will rest,
Disbelief in god, you will die unblessed.
Descry your future in
I'm young
What can I know of the tide turn?
How can I wish to descry
All shades of white, all types of gray?

I've sung
To rebels, old men

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