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Viens voir
Viens voir
Vien voir
Ici plus rien de descant
On attise le feu avec l'essence
Come on come on come on
Viens voir
Viens voir
Viens voir
My heart is open and only for you
Nothing impossible with you Lord
Impossible with you Lord
He's Jesus
He's Elohim
He's Yahweh
From my unnerving dreams 
From the nightmares he descants 
Sounding like a choir of sirens 
Demons voice 

Far out in the sea 
We lost our way home
of Michael
Steady blowing up my head, blowing up my head
Put it on your wall
Put me in the school book, put me in the laws
Put me in a descant in the Synagogue
put me in the laws
Put me in a descant in the Synagogue
Firefly gold, wanna catch ya
Wanna catch you when your lights go dim
Wanna turn you
înserat un descânt special legat de mine 

Să te calce piaza rea 
Să te înece Dunarea 
Să iei pe cine n-ai vrut 
Să se-apuce de băut 
Să te-ajungă soarta ta
heavenly descant just like Lupita
I came in like Daniel but finna go Julius Caesar 
Cutting off squares, Little Caesar 

(Ahh ahh)
(All these mufuckers man)
I pray for your arise.
Dismal oath, descant your death
And ban the pagan rites...

Deviltry can't stop my way into the promised land
Historical places
(We'll be so happy
Sunshine and candy
Do do do do, I love you)

(Descant part written by Rory Partin)
Produced by Rory Partin, Mixed by Miika Colliander
Though your legs are tired
Keep plodding onward to your journey’s end
Little donkey, little donkey 

Optional descant to chorus
Onward, onward,
Iyanu ni o o Iyanu
Iyanu Iyanu ni o o Iyanu
Game Changer
Iyanu Iyanu ni o o Iyanu
All knowing
Iyanu Iyanu ni o o Iyanu
This is contingent
On the aftermath
The rebirth is optional
Descant is not
I was cornered like a Monkey in a cage
Enraging ions I can't control
of exultations
Everyday speak, listen, decay
Snagging my sleeves in the trenches of song
Chanting rabid, placid, rapt, fugued

Reverant descants
More turbulent
to come...

Prose swelled from Aotearoan waters
The windless watchet whelmed my Muse in Divine
Descants of inspired congenial art...

Milford Sound is graced
Dog-star, ram, and pomegranate
Fox swam and swans descant
Entranced in an awful dance
For Lorelei

For Lorelei

For Lorelei

Pine box
Or else I won't come back at all

See you as a mountain, a fountain of God
See you as a descant soul in the setting sun
You as a sound just as silent
at all

See you as a mountain, a fountain of God
See you as a descant soul in the setting sun
You as a sound just as silent as none
I'm yours

Coming to your sleep, 
singing to the descant territory. Crawl into my bass, 
that you're gonna test down to your feet. 
Coming to your sleep,
neglecting the truth
The route was scenic the way I see it
I was just f'n witchoo
Know my descant and give you decent
That's disrespecting the roots
So it's
chorus descants "only the dead truly live"
A decrepit decree that we must never forgive

One nation gorged to their grue-glutted fill
pick you up
That just makes us closer and closer, I'll comfort you so don't you worry

(With descant) Rest on my shoulder and I'll hold ya
I do what I
Have mercy, have mercy on us.
(Chorus of voices with descant voices)
Holy God
Holy and mighty
Holy Immortal One
Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy,

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