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Divided, divisive, derisive, alright its, okay if 
You don't want, to put me, on playlists 
Divided, divisive, derisive, alright its, okay if 
I like the way she move it lil Bby she on that
I like the way she do it Lil Bby derisive that
I like the way she do it she making dat ass calp
An I
care about my stupid, self-derisive sight; 
I've been dropped down to nothin'. 
Baby, call the shots, you're all I got now. 

I guess I've got myself
their blindness

With your derisive grin
You infold the weakness of faith
And ferociously gut the dead
And ferociously gut the dead

When gore
que en el aire flotan, pícaras, burlonas,
only some smiles are in the air, impish, derisive
(Sukoshi no egao ga chuu ni
someone you're not
You're indecisive, leaving in the middle of the week
You're so derisive, went and kicked me out on the street
You're so evasive, always
down inside
That I'll be the last man standing

Give me strength
With your constant doubt
Construct my motives
With derisive shouts
I've got the courage
And what could have been
A these same old buildings
Glare down at me with a derisive grin

I've soldiered on through the change
The transitions and the pain
to justify your own 

Eradicate this 
There's no more room for casualties 
Intoxicate the population with another false direction 
It's beyond derisive that
a nine and gripped it
Thought of merking every prick, that caught me slippin
In my youth, it started with them pricks derisive 
And it grew to physics,
What's that in your claws?
    Entrails come across
    Fate is now undone
    Your derisive caws
    Reverb across
    The macadam

You've been exploring
as your addition 
Remarked that flaunting it was all it took for them to listen 

We got the harshest of it, then you said they act derisive 
No kind

Working in the silver mines
Terrible conditions and derisive wage
Many lost their lives
Or were enslaved by oppressive
False pretense
A lack of resonance
A derisive sentiment
And confidence.

These bonds were always fake
Crafted for safety's sake.
But pasted

An echo that reflects and consolidates the super-humaneous will. 
Will to Power, 
Call to Power.
Utopian abattoir, a derisive reality.
all look just the same
They hung around in silent pairs
And gave out their derisive stares
To anyone who envied or ignored
A leaflet saying Smash
and swallow their crud
No life, no future, no free will, is this what you want?
Misleading the masses... but this is when your derisive conscience kicks in...
the window - On the roof, two cans of a six-pack wagging from my hand
..A derisive scoff...naivete...sitting, looking, drinking, soft sunlight fading against
But the most derisive voice I hear is mine

It opens all the scars on me
It leaves me shaken in my belief
It takes my hand just to drag me down
Plans made to be executed at a later point in time. "The truth is what we make it, not what you see, so ask no questions." And derisive comments,
Overture derisive laughter
Hateful human race
Incantation of your thoughts
Upon this mortal coil
Open wide the jaws of hate
Serving them so loyal
Haunted by derisive words
They want to capture the ogress
Wandering aimlessly
Finding pebbles on the ground
Picking leaves from from an oaktree
Stalks make

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