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drained and that spells the end

Dissipating slowly eroding end
The end
Of the attention span
That spells the end
Depreciating anti
you locked up in your home
The depreciating type to sit and do nothing but whine
You're the Claustrophobic Pantomime
Afraid to speak the words on your
I love that blinding rain
I know, I know I should fucking let go
I know, I know I'm a fucking tornado
my forward progress
I’m stuck here finding reason
Finding why things aren’t what they used to be
I’ll stand here always waiting
Patiently depreciating
rather like it, so, this is where I'll begin

Describe yourself in one or two lines
I'm done depreciating what is my life
All of me does so little for you
rather like it, so, this is where I'll begin

Describe yourself in one or two lines
I'm done depreciating what is my life
All of me does so little for you
baby it's, it's Weezy baby
It's going down, depreciating
Okay now I don't dance unless we dancing dirty
Skinny leather pants, I'm on my Eddie Murphy
much is critical
in my relation to the individual
I remain hieroglyphical, ripping it for
Fans appreciating, flows, not depreciating
I'll try not to keep
Depreciating, collecting dust

And I fear myself as I fall away 
In a cold deluded sense of fate
When the nightmares come, and the doubt sets in
on the floor like the 5 starters
50 in the kill switch thats a filled tank
The value start depreciating when the seal break
All this love that I'm showing how
You come to me with your bleeding heart
And a dream juxtaposed against your fear, and self-loathing
Self-hating, your self-depreciating

Strip me
feel my life depreciating
i know their teachings are riddled with lies, distortions, shit!
it kills me knowing the masses are so brainwashed by it-
no depreciating on my vocabs
Listen to my verses that's a rampage
Even dropping 4 bars it's a rampage
Spicing this verse with some sausage
to be focused on the drip
That car you're fantasizin' starts depreciating the moment you get it
So don’t be trippin on a whip
I’m turnin' my dreams into
as a depreciating asset
Then you’re worth as a human being
You’d better get rich or you
Better try dying
If you weren’t born on third base
Then you’d better get
These other bitches be depreciating worth
When all you do is self preserve
A real man is gonna cling to that first
Got some little boys in your DMS
the beef is plated
Follower counts going up
Value depreciating
End up last like relegation
With three games remaining
Is it worth it if you waited
all together
I know sometimes you be feeling unappreciated.
When we ain't together our values start depreciating.
Anything worth having , it won't be
He depreciating you (Yea)
And I ain't hatin on the dude (I ain’t Hatin)
I'm just officiating boo
I get lost when I look in ya eyes
And plus when I'm
an affirmation
Fuck this place, I'm going nowhere
I'm lying here depreciating

So give me some applause
I feel like a fucking fraud
I'm so out of place in this
depreciating habits flowing through all of you
I just want it all to end

Depersonalised from my own mind, entwined in a sequence of lies between the lines
(You don't know) 
Negative creep 
Approval seeking 
False nobility pedestal 
(You don't know)  
Self depreciating narcissist 
Don't have a clue what love
faltered for very long

To allow him to sell you, in depreciating value
The cheapest truth that we can afford

So let the intricate smiles begin
Only fatal
Depreciating arguably
Big ticket prizes
Event horizon
Lighting rounds Tyson
Fiats enticing
Loose leaves stewed jambalaya lies
Sprinkled with

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