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kill these rappers early in the game, abortion
Spit a verse like lemme get ya fam, extortion
Send these niggas back to when they came, deportation
stops the menstruation
Causes stomach inflation
Patiently waiting nine months for deportation
Of the Earth from the Moon, black woman stay in tune
Someone wants information
Watch yourself
Someone wants your deportation
Watch yourself

Just watch yourself
There is no running away
This is the U.S.A.
And supplemented what he made
With creative deportation
And missing ammo by the case

Since Bullet ran the operation
There's hardly been a minute since
the real
The thief of Baghdad hides in Islington now
Praying deportation for his sacred cow
A legacy of romance from a twilight world
The dowry of a relative
peepshow, stereo hero.
Be calm, be still, bewitch, drowning, drowning in the real.

The thief of Baghdad hides in Islington now,
Praying deportation for
peepshow, stereo hero
Becalm, bestill, bewitch, drowning, drowning in the real

The thief of Baghdad hides in Islington now
Praying deportation for his
playin spades
I sleep with one eye open to make sure I don't get laid
The deportation officers son said to me
They put us on a bus to guadalaraja
If you don't already know
I'm an immigrant citizen
So fuck you if you need to see any documents
Resort to deportation at the graduation
Diplomas handed
they plague
Another innocent one or an immigrant son
With some jail time or a deportation notice
And what about all the air pollution or the traffick
in the USA
Immigration and segregation 
The deportation of people from this great nation    
That's what people are talking about in my hometown
Import, transport, exportation
Rights of nations, exploited salvation
Damnation under one god's fixation
Without deportations, prejudice with limitations

Racial wars/pesecution
Special trains/deportation
Final phase/execution

Collective fury/perpetual fate
Extreme barbary/ atricious crimes
new generation
Pathetic education
Casting sympathetic views
For this I need an explanation
Now brace yourself for war
Or face deportation
Tis time
des victimes de déportation
J'envoie ce texte ou que tu sois
Parti te changer des idées de ce nord québécois
Embrasse tout l'monde, envoie du soleil
rollen für den Sieg!"
Und es begann das dunkelste Kapitel der Nation,
Das dunkelste des Flügelrades: Die Deportation.In Gütewaggons
You threaten the lives of people that I love
When your immigration line is that it's deportation time
You threaten to destroy families that I

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