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The Armageddon's begun
Obliteration, Eradication
Depopulation's begun
Disintegration, Extermination
The final battle's begun

Behold a Beast adorned
And every time you seem to find there's no blame

Destination depopulation
Destination one world nation
Destination depopulation
Destination one
the guilt is further
Those signed onto UN depopulation charters and elite groups, like the coalition for epidemics preparedness innovations, sponsored by
Product of my breeding
Inauspicious shapes
Formed by depravity
Abnegation of my past

Resigning, ireful
Watching the depopulation
Asia, depopulation
The iron hornets that we used to fight
We're turned against us in the fading light

Losing our people
We're losing our people
bodies fly
Give up or die
It's them or us!

Do as I command
I say infiltrate destroy
Sacrificial pawns
Your name lives on true patriot
the ionosphere
Trigger natural disaster
Controlled depopulation
Poisoned rainfall killing us
Deadly earthquakes ravages the land
Poisoned rainfall killing us
an extermination 
Of a frail breed
Failed existence
A barren planet 
Left in utter nothingness
Emptiness follows as I 
Breathe the decay 
I breathe
Devised for global depopulation.
Eaters breed eaters no longer, no longer soon.
Introduced to be transmitted from one to one.

Germ warfare and death
Everyone Dies

You Have Been Chosen for Sterilzation
By the Department of Depopulation

Put me in Charge of Population Control
I'll Free all the Prisoners
The year of purification
The year of purification

Crescendo of craving
Sullen and distorted

Run away - run away as fast
Death to the world, man's necronomicon
Depopulation, Quetzalcoatls return
Sorrow and famine, afterbirth of sixth age
Facing the dawn of a seven
unnatural situations
As they plan depopulation, unmerciful what we facing
Not sure if they made Covid, but their intentions seem to show it
Farrakhan seems
Got a ruthless style it takes concentration
The same ones said chem trails is condensation
All depopulation it’s all inoculation
Keep tryna play god
They refused to teach us technology
If they care so much
Start with back payment
Settle reparation
Not depopulation
Wash your eyes in deep ocean
every other line, and nothing is conversational
We need cleansing depopulation
Operational get the fuck outta here
As a Southern pioneer I am embarrassed,
A singular nation
Death escalating
History pages
Rewritten erasing
I've lost all my patience
Retaliation of fragmentation
From deviation
Not today
Order of the day depopulation
Can't break away we brace for extinction
Hell breaks loose purpose of perdition
Birthed in shadows of ancient religion
The guide stones in Georgia
Have told us
Depopulation to them
Is a must
Their soul objective is depopulation
Six six six rfid chips implantation in new born immunization
I rather die fighting for freedom
Than to live like
But the results will always be the same
It wasn't me that decided the fate of this world
It wasn't me
It wasn't me that caused you this pain
into you watch em
Depopulation, a number of the guidestones
Seed vaults are bankin, the pyramid eyes home
Your minds blown by the insight that I've shown
the wealthy do not give a fuck
They living it up
Now you're facing depopulation
You just a slave to the nation
To really be free as a mason
You better start
on a stick
Demons were too nice to humans, accelerated depopulation
Rape your own flesh, while getting dipped into acid
I want to see the blood, I want to see

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