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of the United States of America.
First of all a short scene depicting the United States
of America, and their diplomacy. 

Hey pal, do whatever I tell ya! 

It's hard to describe you even if you have a beautiful painting
Ink depicting the beauty of Shenzhou
Your legendary colors
a vision for my life
It's depicting the decisions I'm making tonight
I see me with you
I see me with you
I should be with you
(Tears free)
So sick to act this game
If we are nothing but reflections
Find a mirror to cave in
To be broken into pieces
Depicting what's within
art from a canvas blank
Paintings from the holy book
Depicting Christ and the chance he took
Oh, tell me

When will you ever learn
the true depths
dream depicting the fall
In every dream we had it all
They were my dreams depicting the fall

But if we have to go back to LA
A week of annoyance in
I forget
Though it has no resemblance to the way I feel
I forget
Turns in my mind like a spinning wheel
I forget
Depicting all the peices that I
And strange ideas

So when I go
I'll send to you a postcard
With pictures on the front
Depicting good old Central Park

I'm living in New York
Living in New
carving her figure in wood
depicting all her goods
he'd sit and stare
he'd sit and stare

'cause there's a house for sale
he had a getaway car
we're taking off
I'll pick it up from here, come get it off
For real

You get me lifted
Other women don't portray what you're depicting
Getting pressed
It's pictured on the arms of the karma man

Fairy tale skin, depicting scenes from human zoos
Impermanent toys like peace and war a gentle face
the fuck can I squeeze my whole life into a 16 bar verse?
You know, so many different levels, when 16 ain't enough, to living your life
Depicting with your
generation will make a change 

Can you blame my generation, subjected gentrification
Depicting their frustrations over ill instrumentation 
'Cause music
said that slow him down
Slow down, slow down
It's pictured on the arms of the karma man

Fairy tale skin, depicting scenes from human zoos
depicting the bleeding
Pain in my eyes, showing the fighting

In the cold winds of nowhere
Deep inside the dying woods
My destiny became reality
Listen now Blind Baby what we want to go for on this record
Is not just a blues record, but we want a document.
An epic document depicting
Hurrah, here come Del to dispel the blahs
Cause and effect, pause for respect collection
Diction friction, depicting violence
Volatile with my profile,
depicting historical glory in a legend
Nurse me through the time stick and stone mixes hex my fertile crescent
Now all's well, I'm laughing on the inside I
Pictures hung on the walls 
Depicting a families dream's
Look's like they could come
Right out of some plastic family magazine 
I wish
of a screen we've deemed ourselves
Deep into hyper realities we see
Filters fictional pictures depicting what we perceive through vision
I'm listening, but I
No one ever gets this sodomy
Are we a sodomy? (modomy/podomy/godomy/lobotomy) 
Depicting all this willingness
Caught in the wilderness
This pick is
as changed people
And so began to call them Christians
Depicting some values have been added to their lives
Since they moved with Jesus Christ


Come away with me
Come away with me
To another world

Act unaffected I've got that perfected
Depicting somebody who's self-directed
I can't correct
want to stay and never go away
I've got young man bones
I won't let go of them until we're near the end

See the early days vanishing away
Depicting our

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