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We are dying in the wake of gods and decrees remain arcane
And everything around us is a consequence of pain

The writings on the wall depict a truth
All the mirrors scream 
As they describe your dreams 
All that they deride 
Until you have no allies 

They depict a world where we aren't safe
purpose of this
Game carcass soiled caged broken pieces in

The dust decay nervous exhaustion caused
Jagged cross analogy destroy to depict
It dirt
No shell depicts a true projection
Caught you as we fell
Now shine out the light from the dark
patience wearing thin
But the danger's elemental
It's chaos from within

The fox-stained leaves of civilization
Depict a stark repeat
It's always
I can see the shadows on the wall
Drifting as the leaves start to fall
Unfazed by rugosity, the objects yield to gravity
And depict the destiny
Seven bowls cast on the land
Sinners walk proud hand in hand
Painful sores show their private lives
Depict deception the wrath is on
Kiss of a queen
nosebleed danger
Swarming towards the source of the noise
I will draw Japan, with fervent hands
Black cells depict a foreign land, I draw Japan

Sleeping city

The only way I depict you
Is that your attentions undeserved
Meet the vessel of your reprisal
Retribution calls

Its not that I take life
when will its figure die?
Pierced through the heart.
I watch the red elixir spill from the center of its life.
I depict eighteen visions for its demise.
the wall
Bloodlines of the past
Creatures from the other side
The suffering is vast
Forged in blood, victimized
The truth depicts the lie
We did not fade from noise meditation
We stopped abruptly while spinning down
This is not to depict hesitation
A silent gesture for princess'
What you see is nothing but yourself.
Through the film of destiny
A light depicts pictures on the screen.
It's self-selected, self-imposed.
think that you know me? I'll tell you now I didn't even mean it
Circumstance depicts I, slim the main, make the strain go away
it like
The big houses
The cars
The dog
Pickett fence
And you his wife
But depict this life
You know them FEDS
Got them pictures right
I know
to be alive?
It ain't no good, it's a perpetual dive

Once born, you're addicted
And so you depict it
As good, but who kicked it?

Users just can't see
You give me confidence, 
But I ask myself:

Do I need this.

Depict the picture as you feel it.

So, you live on promises, 
Well, they
that you choose and the beats that you sell

You're not giving all the glory to Him
Because your artwork depicts a severed limb
And all the people buy
depict you
The rivers shall flow with liquor, quench your thirst on my elixirs
I am the safe haven for the rebel runaway and the resistor
The trusted
And I'm forced to repay all the thoughts of the brain,
By any means I ain't putting pure spits to shame,
What I depict on scripts too much for the mandem,
Than I thought

The signs of the stars
Will be here tomorrow
They depict on the sky
The myth of love
it like
The big houses
The cars
The dog
Pickett fence
And you his wife
But depict this life
You know them FEDS
Got them pictures right
I know
Because I depict rappin consumately
Cause I'm 'the greatest' - but no Ali
I'm cool Moe Dee

Don't piss me, I know you miss me
So now you think I
they could chew,

Moaning them old big city blues,

Miss liberty depicts her qualms and grins,

Another subway starts rattling,

And luigi's cans go

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