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the black

Rupture perception - I
Swallow the cure, dried and allotted 
Embrace the unsure
Anxiety breaks, I become the denuded

Kill off the scorn
Kill off
Moray, Forth, and Orkney 
Keeping cover in denuded scrub, the school destroyed, raze the club
Panic spreading, threat of fire 

Crowded beneath a layer
My World and The​ Denuded Venture Disarm the Dissonance
a Pointless Gesture
All the Rage for Nothing
Pull the Trigger
In utter obfuscation, denuded
Your supplications fall on deaf ears
Fuckin' bitch you scream like a pig

A prerequisite for lobotomy
A brain down
we watch them behead, death cults and holy wars
Outcast, reviled, the refugee child washed on indifferent shores
Mother Earth moans, her denuded bones
When will the wires disjoint me?
I will be denuded of emotions
has just begun

Ocean wide wounded
Redwood rooted
The jagged excluded
Words denuded
Words illumined

I bring poems to life
I shook open
watching crowds
Face bruised, puss oozing sores
Nose burnt to the bone, denuded of flesh
Raped, relentless sexual humiliation

Empire of the summer moon
All the boys are in the sun
Their day is long and life's a fucking party
Their altar decked with fruit and wine
Denuded they make out like it is not
believe it, hungry to eat it, like you need it
But deceptive are the words left unchecked
Bleeding they lead it what the headline preceded
It's been denuded
Is love a fool
A brackish goad?
Protected like
A lilac cove
Becomes by the breath of the sun
Denuded and diffused

And while the winds,
Renewed and denuded I lie here 
Awake to the consequence of less 
I can mount this all within a word 
The body is a table, however pendulous 

Yesterday was just a sigh
Separating you and I
When the truth lies denuded
The faith remains forever
No deceit can ever take
This piece of me I give
Good lookinÃ''on the surface.
.. slick icy places... regarded as demise... denuded of all pride

I wonÃ''t deter from... what youÃ''ve always been
Magnetic Road
I'm an insect hypnotized by your glowing
I drive fast, speechless denuded
I'm facing this magnetic solitude
Oh, I'm getting bigger,

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