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Because we are
dented in the world
Dented in the world
Dented in the world ...
Magnitude JIN
Caution everywhere
Does anyone care
Cuz someone maybe
an, kommst nicht klar
Hyperventilierst, du drohst ernsthaft daran abzukacken

Mein Schraubenzieher dented deine Niere 
Du kamst auf zwei Beinen,
stopped caring
I’m dented anyways
The mist in my face
Must have vanished with the dawn
I’m taking back my future
And I’m looking for a line to draw
Used heart for sale
Scratched and dented but it runs real well
Like you a lot so I'll cut you a deal
Used heart for sale

The first owner Peggy
and took 'em to Japan, didn't he?
I done pulled it out the lot and got the Lamb' dented (skrrt)
I get in that pussy, I'ma stand in it (what?)
I get money,
else’s thoughts, can’t
Shake them off

(Little baby blooms in digital bile) Bone-dented sheets
(Lay me down on the back of a crocodile) Eye-splintered
(She's begging please)
She needs Rock N Roll
You know she's an underage angel with a dented halo
She needs Rock N Roll

Small town girl was
all dented
But maybe my pain will help me get my windows tinted
Hoping I can get some fame support the ones I'm close to
Help them live like royalty
But this railway debt has offered us no choice 
We're forced to throw away our independence and our voice

Steel-hulled Stanley has been dented
never forget

A hole in my heart
Hole in my scalp
Girl, you left a dent
You left a dent


Deh deh deh
Deh deh deh
Deh deh deh
You dented my brain
I'd rather be dented than shattered
Breaking apart than scattered but
Hoping that I still matter
I'd rather be dented than shattered
Not that it even
Took the backstairs Two at a time
Fifth Floor, Midnight I was mid­air
As I skipped the last stair A dented white moon Watchin' over me
I started
You lease this beat or just rent it?
Collab with Sora your speaker got dented
I don't wanna mend it
I just wanna blow this shit up yeah!
Look in my
I'm feeling kind of empty, looking kind of dented
Now that you're gone
I'm stacking up my regrets, I'm a bit depleted
Now that you're gone

The other day my neighbor has a dented bike
Second day he called me from intensive care
Says he needs a picture of the dented bike
For the evidence
Dented a few guitars|  I wrecked a few cars|  But there ain't no doubt|  I've been hardest on my heart|  Yeah, I've been hardest on my heart||I seem
Niggas ain't with it
My windows is tinted
My whip yeah it's dented
But I don't give a fuck
As long as it gets me from point a to point b
You can
the tarmac
His dented forehead and a dented bollard
Remember to this day

You try to prove that you're okay
But you'll never wash the tears away
'Cause you
Lord knows my lungs are for smoking
They ain't mine, so I'm 'a leave them broken
Mend a paint job dented on a rental
Then watch it rust in the rain
This world's sideways
All my friends
Tell me the world's gone mad
Us sinners
Probably better off dead
Bruised face, bruised fists
And dented doors
"I smell a rat" 
The shop steward said 
To all the gathered souls 
Faces like holes 

Dented Ricky's fender 
Didn't leave a note 
They tricked him
been shafted
Your pride is dented, but all your dreams remain
Your pride is dented, but all your dreams remain

You may be knotted up with questions
I stitched the scars but now my bodies dented
You said that I was the one
Had everything you could want
You said “I love you” like you really meant
If hell exists you've wept at the gates
And told the devil to go fuck itself right?
You've got skin like the thickest bark, and bones of dented

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