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What up though
It's Murs, 9th Wonder
Murs 3:16, the 9th Edition
Shut your fat mouth, and listen

[Verse 1]
Anticipation got the deck stacked
[Verse 1 - MURS]
First let me ask for forgiveness, since I might go to hell
But I'm addicted to these girls, though where they fuck feel smell
And I
What up though
It's Murs, 9th Wonder
Murs 3:16, the 9th Edition
Shut your fat mouth, and listen

[Verse 1]
Anticipation got the deck stacked
Et je m’balade dans Paris by night
Je tourne on the left je tourne on the right
A l’heure où les tramways déraillent
Je longe un mur en pierres de
[ Murs ]
There's a party goin on, in my mind, that is
But really it's my crew and these three white kids
One brother, one sister, some other mister
hey whussup this is muthafucking Murs
here with muthafucking basik
you know what I'm sayin i got a foul ass mouth
but not really givin a fuck
{*vocal sample*}
So many... so many, so many questions
So many... so many, so many questions

[Verse 1: MURS]
One of a kind so there's nobody like me
It's the end of the beginning
So I thought it only right that I bring along the
Motherfuckers I started this shit with
2003MG Melancholy
to the store
On the early mornin' tip some time 'round four
I was standing by the magazines readin' a Maxim
When I heard a familiar voice to the the counter dude
Whussup Murs
Ah nothing man you know just doing a little underground shit 
whatever you know selling these tapes broke ass fuck  
touch and feel, scream and shout
Back and forth, up and down, off the course, fuck it now

(Chorus: Sung by Slug and Murs: Repeat 2X)
I can't sleep now.
S'agrippe aux murs, détruit les rues

les lances de corne ac'are'es
Plongent dans les yeux et les coeurs des courtiers
Les enfants s'enfuient dans
It's been two years, man
Of, of, of waitin'

[Michael Jackson:] "Can it be I stayed away too long"

From my supporters and my
mhe/id e/ dha/ thaobh a ghleanna 's Tir Roghain,
's mur na thiai/ me/ n' t-oidhr' are Chonthae Mhaigeo.
Buachaileacht bo/, mo Leo, nar chleacht mise
This is a Living Legends, Justice League
Definitive Jux presentation
Brought to you by 9th Wonder and Murs

What up though, still givin' a fuck
the hardest
And a hand full of CD's ready to burn
Some real hip hop for your listening nerves
A year later hooked up with a nigga named Murs
Now everybody
En mur av mørke
Stemmen kaller, sirkelen sluttes
Sult og nød
Moder Jord
Forvent din død
Krigere hontes gjennom drømmen
Gjonerohring av den
mhe/id e/ dha/ thaobh a ghleanna 's tir roghain,
's mur na thiai/ me/ n' t-oidhr' are chonthae mhaigeo.

Buachaileacht bo/, mo leo, nar chleacht mise
M.U.R.S a nigga known to rip a microphone
Leave you enthrasted in the zone 
Much to advanced to clone
Master of this urban rhyme science
Combined my
Mój plan jest nadzwyczajny
Mój plan głowy wzniesie ponad mur
Mój plan zada cios nieobliczlny
By codzienności złamać bicz

Mój plan jest dla
Mur-mur-ma-murderous SHIT
I keep the gangsta-gangsta-gangsta
Gah-gah-ga-gangsta beat, feel me?  Uhh
I spit that Brooklyn-Brooklyn-Brook
Mur, mur, ma, murderous shit
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh uhh

I keep the gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gah, gah, ga, gangsta beat, feel me? Uhh
I spit
Nous : moi; le Philosophe et l'esthète, aimons
Soif à ce point ça n'se fass' point

Mais v'là t'y pas ...Qu'là à dix pas
Je vois des mûr's
un cahier 
L'autre avec un carnet d'amour d'amour 

Life comes from the same floor 
Wind comes from the backyard 
My room is filled by love
and a bur
And after I'm finished you know I'mma drink some mur
But I got 20/20 vision when I'm pitchin', listen
I spot them chickens never slippin' like

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