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been manipulating to construct a weapon the sake of entrapment
Falling victim to a charismatic and enraged tongue,
A cancer singing his delusive gospel
shapeless splendour
Haunted by her image in blank dismay, I kiss and embrace the dreaming adventure 
of the dainty, delusive doll
Seeping into the tunnel
into the wall of gloom
Where the troops of deceit and sickness loom

Confused and delusive
I stand where I stand
In the dungeons, in the chaos
lust and the delusive lights of power
Allied with the legions of darkness
Wars, starvation, destruction, death
What have you done, what have i done?

the answers
I went around wearing a delusive face
And I thought I had the answers
Within the depths of darkness
Amidst the delusive fog
There waits a path to nowhere
Forthright be stepped upon
Walking through the heinous forest
In Maya's grip illusion transforms verity
Perceiving thus a delusive world of duality

Veil of Maya
Balance every joy with a grief
Dual scales
raft filled with delusive waste water
Shall be drained by holes of wisdom
A celestial voyage
To reach the shores and bathe
In pools of divine nectar
heaven above

but leave me, please leave me
With the scum & the junkies
On skid row, where all names are delusive
Skid row, where all pain is exclusive
Reopen the closed doors to infinity 
Walking this delusive path 
Fantasies more true than life itself 

Controlled imagination 
Washed away in
realm I lie awake:
"Fading voices calling back the years into time's deadly embrace!"
Behind these delusive hills where gales ensnare a paralyzed sun:
and faith

You reach out for me
But you cannot grasp a dream
You hold on to me
Your illusion makes me real
Think of my embrace
In your drug's delusive
subdues all that's delusive

initially this lie I'd recoil
but again I crawl this dirty soil
of all possessions I did treasure
this one's
these delusive lights

My journey begun
As you unveiled my face
As I ripped of my skin
And my demon was roused
Thrones and dominions mean nothing
Finding the key 
While touching the air 
Soft odyssey 
Delusive is the view 
And you know 
I only feel you through 
The scent 
Of the wave
Misleading me
Erected palisades are fashioned with words,
Delusive cogitation that merely conceals their intendment
And assures their vainglory

meanwhile their hearts

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