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Ce ne andiamo a Dubai-ai
Sa-luta le tue amiche Goodbye-bye
La gente delude tu mai-mai
Vogliamo soltanto good vibes ya good vibes
Baby sono le tre
mondo e delude la sua vita con tappe incompiute 
Incoscienti bambine cresciute 
Ora affogano in fango della loro palude 
Lei vive un uomo ora fatto di
to conclusion

Subterfuge deludes the views of you and me
We're confused but still we choose to disagree
Subterfuge consumes us but defiantly
We refuse
Così nessuna persona ti delude.
Per ogni frase detta una cicatrice si apre
Per ogni frase detta il nostro cuore si chiude
Tu fai una cosa, butta la
the night
You think you're Muhammad Ali beneath the cool Las Vegas lights

But don't delude yourself 
Don't delude yourself
Thickness fills the days
A new
the magic fades
Boy, you can bend towards me
Bend towards me

Don't let my delicate limbs delude you
You'll never hear these leaves say, ay
Il silenzio che non tradisce 
Sei la mia roccia
Quello che non delude mai
Sei il saggio che non sbaglia
La risata che mi contagia
Sei il mio numero
somebody to bring the sun you're waiting for

Do you care for me or I delude myself
Oh, that smile
I would kill for it
But it's ment for someone else

take everything from me
Well spent is my mind again
Round and round this fork goes in my eye
Well spent is my soul again
I'm confused my mind deludes
Wearing rose tinted glasses 
Daydreams just delude you 
From the pipe dream that came true 
Déjà vu 

And the things I once condemned 
I now simply adore
soli con l'amore immaginario
L'amore immaginario
Con l'amore immaginario
Che non delude mai

C'è una lista infinita di cose che non so fare
A need a fix and a kiss
Like this

Well, if you're some queen
Don't delude me with grandeur
If you're some queen
Don't delude me with grandeur
me again, I won't delude you
Am I wrong - am I wrong
to say that I belong to you?

Clutching at the hands that plead
Let it be
Concealed in wraps
la la la la la) 
To life 
To life 
To life 
To life

Am I too high?
Am I too fly for you? 
You'll try
You'll lie
I can change
I can live
I can change
I can live
I can change
I can love
All this confuses me
I live in the abyss of illusion
I don't want to delude
Smile like a hoe i delude it
Fakin it up like your mean it
Whr you gon now when i need it

Cant you say that imma stay
Cant you say imma wait
Cant you say
always cater to my taste like a chameleon's visual array
She thinks it's dumb, when I put myself through it every day
But I don't delude myself in
Hey look at me, I've achieved sansara
Spend my time neglecting my sould
Delude my self that I am happy
Hey look at me I've achieved sansara

Hey look
It's important to keep
Positive thought in negative city
Delude mind
Fuck off to life

It's hard to keep
Positive mind in negative scene
Delude mind
the lion in your cage
Burn the edges of your frame
And pray

Now rolling and spinning, unfeeling
Now bending and reeling, detaching

Why must we delude
sorridi che...)
Chissà cosa ci spetterà, sai
(Il cielo sembra più vicino)
Con te, mano nella mano

Sapete, a volte quello in cui crediamo ci delude e ci fa
the dangerous man. 
In a city full of sin, while morals sleep
The devil wears black 
And allures me in

Ethereal human delude me 
Let your ciphered lips just
the Succubus of twilight and eventide.
(The gypsy that deludes me with copulation)
So, let me form the contours of your trance
and lament with the virga that
sorridendo perché odio non dire a te
Niente, non è niente, tutto a posto
Così com'è
È solo un giorno che passa
Non si accende e ti delude un po'

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