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Shhh, my little secret

Trilby Defoe 
I loved you before
When I heard a knockin' 
Hope it's you at the door
My knees went weak
And my head caved in 
All I wanna do is grow
Yeah its started to show
Growing over life, see new heights
Scoring like my name's Defoe
My life was getting real slow
Kickdown im Mercedes AMG
Flow großes wow dein Getue alles Show (alles Show)
Machst alles nur für die Hoe
Schauspieler wie Will Defoe
Flow großes wow dein
This happy ever after
Turned to pure horror
28 days in this home
The Lut's tainted by the Defoe's
This house keeps waking me
Up at 3:15
With thoughts
Looked at my window for Robinson Crusoe
All I can see is Daniel Defoe
Everyone movin' in different directions
I don't know which way I can go, tell
or absence... makes no difference... whatever are you doing?"

Aphra Benn: Hello
Cervantes: Donkey
Daniel Defoe: To christen the day!
Samuel Richardson:
Hey buddy!
You better get used to it

And like Defoe said
How do we know, what we know? 
Flaming sword in my hand

Hey buddy! Normalise this O Hey
grande, es insuperable,
alcanzar el límite de estos glandes,
hain beste gende, mendez mende.
Atiende, como Allan Phoe, Daniel Defoe
escribiendo en una isla
imminente Babel… à deux doigts du ciel…
que Robinson cru Noé… ça t’as pas fait marrer…
la perspective de l’île… l’institut du débile…
histoire Defoe et usage
in un mondo, come quello del film
Dove il sorriso di William Defoe
Si confonde con quello di Camihawke

Con la flebo, stesa sul letto
Jermain defoe
Fais pas le chaud dans ma tess
Toudou doudou et on flex
Et si elle cries à tu tête
C’est parcequ’elle a vu le T-Rex
Dans l’gamos on chill,
ain’t trappin on the daily
Trappin on the daily
Shit don’t phase me
Nigga talk shit then I hook em like swae lee
I’m so fast Jermaine Defoe
I’m still high
Roca non è wrestling: RAW
Ti ci metti contro
Presto rest in peace, bro
Ci ironizzo come Taffo
Poi mi viene un ghigno come Defoe
Ogni barra carico le ammo
Plug in amibo
Got new bike
Boutta debo
Young thug green like
William defoe

Boomin, boomin, boomin, yuh
Take it to the block
Got my
J Red and S. Quest
Relax we gifted
Parallel minutes
Lyrics with no limits
Listen to the skill
We Willem Defoe killing
Goin down swinging
A king is
troll sotto i post di calcio
Della squadra cui fai il tifo
A te prende il tifo
Io punta di sfondamento, come Defoe (Si)

Meno male meno male
Sempre in
but you timid so you here for sho
Thought I lost you at my show
I just hit my all-time low
Souring high but I don't smoke
Green Goblin like Will Defoe
is deserved
Dad said I'm a black CEO
Soon to have my own TV show
Me and Jaiquin was always gonna blow
Bang bare goals like my name is Defoe
Ain't no
we got that coin
Turtle set for shore
But we got the loin
It's Defoe not yours
So it must be mine
Poor never would work
Had to build up lines
Lurk ? I
indifferent  that from bullshit
Wearing green like a foe
Important doing what I can
Like I'm William defoe
Everything about the winters 
Writing bars in the cold
rockin' up
It's great if we in the cut
It's flames cah we burn a dance
Tell me it's time to turn up
OK do I know what ya mean? Defoe
Now that the function's
rappin before I hit a trillion
Staines from paint and booty clappin it's that gideon Defoe
Cold blooded like a Reptillian, that's my foe
You know I'll be
cabaña bajo
un silencioso alud
de blanca luz.
Veríamos junto a las olas
a Daniel Defoe
bebiendo con John Silver
un barril de viejo ron,
a Robert louis
chcę boa mieć i żeby dookoła
Był w każdym miejscu boa ten
Stuprocentowym boa

Sam Edgar Poe pisał o boem
Takoż Defoe w swoim Crusoe
Widać ten boa ma

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